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Sending Reiki to the Future

Article by Taryn Walker

Reiki truly has no boundaries. It can be sent across the great illusion of time and space, the only limit being your imagination. We can send Reiki to the past- to heal childhood traumas, old relationship wounds and even past life situations.

We can also send Reiki to the future, though it’s good to remember that Reiki gives us what we need, and this might look a little different to what we think we want.

When we send Reiki to the future, it’s important to let go of expectations and trust that Reiki works for our highest good.

Sending Reiki to The Future

Image by Altioe

Reiki can be sent to future situations such as a job interview, a challenging relationship discussion, a big change such as moving countries, an important presentation and so on.

Here’s one way to send Reiki to the future:

  • Prepare a sacred space. Light a candle, burn incense, play relaxing music
  • Write down the situation you wish to send Reiki to
  • Perform your preferred rituals before beginning a Reiki session
  • Use the distance healing symbol to connect with the situation
  • Allow Reiki to flow through you while visualizing the situation receiving the energy
  • To end the session, offer a grateful thought to the universal consciousness, wash your hands and then let it go, trusting that all is in accordance with your highest good.

We cannot predict the future with total certainty, but we can send positive intentions to future events and invite Grace to be with us.

Use your creativity to discover interesting ways of working with distant Reiki. It is a beautiful tool which can enhance the way you interact with the ups and downs of life.

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Taryn Walker

Taryn Walker

Taryn Walker is a traveling Reiki Master Teacher who wishes to inspire people to realise that they are miraculous! She believes that Reiki can reveal our natural ability to heal ourselves and this empowers us to take responsibility for our lives. She works a lot with distant Reiki and loves the way it allows people to experience the illusion of separation. Taryn is grateful for being able to connect with her Reiki clients even while traveling. She usually lives on a little island in Thailand, where she practices and teaches Reiki, but finds ‘home’ wherever she is. Taryn enjoys yoga, nature, creating art, cooking and finding magic in “ordinary” places. Follow her here: http://reiki-alchemy.com/, http://www.facebook.com/alchemyhealing, and http://bit.ly/reikialchemyoutube.

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