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Sending Healing to Future Versions of Ourselves

Article by Angie Webster

We think a lot about sending healing or comfort to people and situations that are currently in pain, ill or in crisis. And there are lots of articles on Reiki Rays about ways to send healing to the past, including several that I have written myself. One thing that may not come up as often is sending healing to the future. Yet energy is not bound by time and space or the way that we envision circumstances unfolding. With energy, there are multitudes of ways that situations can unfold, beyond what we can comprehend.

We know we can send healing to the future for improving the outcome of potentially unpleasant events, such as surgeries, root canals and job interviews, and many of us practiced with this during or after Reiki Level 2 training. Yet it is possible to expand this so that you are sending Reiki ahead to all possible future versions of yourself. That sounds a little trippy, so let me explain.

When we use Reiki throughout time and space, we do it with the understanding that there are multiple possible outcomes on every path. We are not the only ones that decide how the path will go, though our intention, energy and actions certainly influence it. However, so do the intentions, energy and actions of many others. Reiki can offer the best outcome available, for the highest good of all.

With this in mind, we can send Reiki to all the possible paths. We don’t need to know what they are, we only need ask Reiki to flow to them. We let ourselves be completely open to allowing the energy to bring about the best outcomes.

Sending Healing to Future Versions of Ourselves

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Here’s how you can send a boost to your future
  1. Allow your mind to become calm and quiet in whatever way you choose. Meditation works well, as do breathing exercises. It can also be helpful to gaze into a candle flame to still your mind and bring focus.
  2. Notice your energy. It may be stronger in your low belly, your heart or between your eyes.
  3. Let your focus settle there and allow the energy to build as you connect with Reiki healing energy.
  4. Next, ask this energy to flow to all possible paths in your future, strengthening the best possible outcome for all. You might ask that you be supported and guided to the best possible way for you, and that you have the clarity to see the correct choices when they arrive. Invite inspiration and love.

This definitely brings changes in your life. However, we can block our own way, so in order for the benefits to be recognized and accepted in your life, there are a few things that you need to do to help.

  1. Remember that you are energy, too. Include your own self, your heart, mind and body, in the healing. Be open to loving yourself unconditionally, right where you are in this moment. It is your present self that is sending healing and love to your future self, so be sure to include your present self in this gift, rather than seeing the future as a place to get to. You are creating your future, so do it with love and from love.
  2. After you have sent the healing energy, try not to cling to specifics about how it will unfold. While is can be helpful to visualize how you would like to feel and what experiences you might like to have, it is best to keep the details generalized. When we mentally grasp hold of details, we don’t leave room for other possibilities, which are often far better than we could have imagined.
  3. As you go about your day, stay open and aware of how the energy is opening new paths to you. See all the ways that the support, guidance, clarity and love that you asked for are arriving in your life. That may mean being flexible in how you expected things to go, at times. If we are always trying to force things to go the way we expect them to go, we aren’t allowing the Universe to bring us to new paths! Doing things the same way and never being open only leaves us with the same repeating results.

You can do the exercise for a few moments each morning and evening, or just a couple times a week when you can give it your full focus. Remember to express gratitude for the new gifts that come in. Gratitude is a powerful creative energy that sends out the message that you are on the right track and wish to continue.

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Angie Webster
Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki, which she adores. She teaches online classes on energy healing, flower essences, herbalism, and personal growth. Angie often works with nature healing and Earth healing, hoping to better understand our connection with Mother Earth. Angie is the author of Animal Reiki: How it Heals, Teaches & Reconnects Us with Nature and Reiki from A to Z. You can follow her at: angie-webster-healing.teachable.com and on Facebook (facebook.com/angiewebsterhealing).

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  • Mahadev February 14, 2016, 9:54 am

    Thank you for sharing the best way to sending healing to future situation.really it’s easily applicable one.

  • akshayaa February 14, 2016, 4:03 pm

    Wonderful angie!!! Very insightful and to the point..love it. Thank u angie! !

  • Dhiraj February 16, 2016, 6:00 am


    I am very afraid of sending Reiki to my future, as its work best for me , I always think, best thing will leave me and go if I use reiki.


    • Serenity Energy Healing March 18, 2016, 9:18 pm

      Reiki will only work for your greatest and highest good. However, if this is your fear, and you wish to eventually work with it, you can start by sending love and Reiki to the fear. When you use Reiki, always state to yourself that it is to work only for the greatest and highest good of all. Then open yourself to an expansive view of what that may mean, allowing room for the Universe to work without clinging to a specific outcome. Things often have to shift for healing and change to occur, and it is true that this is sometimes painful during the process. Consider that each birth involves pain, yet the outcome is the joy of a new life. Go at your own pace and do what feels comfortable to you. There is no need to try this practice if it doesn’t feel right for you.

  • Nishrin October 14, 2016, 5:17 am

    Lovely article

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