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Are Your Crystals Cleansed?

Are Your Crystals Cleansed

Hello Beautiful Souls! How are you doing today? Today I shall share with you the right method to clean crystals. I can already sense some eyes rolling, but not cleansing crystals properly can have adverse effects or the crystals may not yield results up to the mark. Now let’s answer some basic questions pertaining to […] Read More

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We have already discussed about number of methods to clear, clean and reactivate crystals with positive energy, including burying them in the earth, cleansing in moonlight, with water and various other methods. For any practitioner who uses crystals in his treatment, keeping crystals clean and filled with positive energy is very important. With properly cleansed […] Read More


Crystals are widely used for their healing effects in alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and in various meditation techniques. A pre-requisite to use crystals in any such practice is to clear them of the energetic impressions of the people who have handled them before and then at regular intervals, especially before and […] Read More


Crystals hold a very special place and are often used as a tool by Reiki practitioners during energy healing sessions. The “problem” with crystals is that they often pick unwanted energies of other people that need to be cleared before using these crystals in another healing session. There are number of techniques used for cleansing […] Read More


Many of our readers asked about ways for cleansing their crystals. In this article we will discuss different techniques that can be used for cleansing crystals before or after the Reiki session. For a powerful Reiki healing session that involves crystals, it is a good practice to cleanse your crystals before Reiki session as crystals […] Read More


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