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Reiki Grid for Relationship Healing

Article by Kala Bashini

In modern days, youngsters are so imbalanced in their relationships due to overthinking and unexpected rivalry. I have seen many young couples who aren’t like-minded with their spouses. Very rarely are those who are living in harmony with each other and with their elders and the reason this is happening is their ego, pride, desire for wealth, and high expectations that make them lose all maturity. The way they were raised by their parents with own destructive behaviors and thoughts also play an important role here.

All these behaviors happen due to the ignorance seeded by the soul many lifetimes ago. We have come here to upgrade our being and evolve by learning the lessons without which we cannot move further.

After counseling many people in my life, I came to the conclusion that Reiki grid healing can support balancing their relationships. With counseling, some people start releasing and reunite while others need Crystal Reiki Grid healing.

Reiki Grid for Relationship Healing

Image by Tan Danh

Firstly, I prescribe forgiveness to relationship healing. This method of healing cleanses and dissolves the issue. This kind of forgiveness should be done from heart to heart by all the involved family members.

Reiki Grid with Symbols and Crystals:

  • Take Rose Quartz – rough stone or pebbles – and cleanse these stones with saltwater. Use a dhoop stick to release all the built-up negative energy and let the crystal be cleansed completely.
  • Now through prayer, it is recommended to invoke divine blessings and divine guidance of the masters and Angel Chamuel (particularly for love and relationship healing) to start the healing.
  • Take the pictures of the couple who need harmony and love in their relationship and cleanse it.
  • Draw the soulmate grid by adding Reiki symbols. Also draw the Master symbol (Dai-Ko-Myo), Distance symbol (Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen), Mental/ Emotional symbol (Sei-He-Ki),  and Power symbol (Cho-Ku-Rei).
  • Place the pictures on Mental/Emotional symbol and place Rose Quartz over it with clear quartz pencil wands on the corners to enhance further healing.
  • Cleanse this grid daily and activate to accelerate the flow of energy by saying “May this relationship be healed. This is for their highest good and with be solved in the best possible way through the blessings of Archangel Chamuel”. This Angel radiates qualities of adoration with the Pink Ray.
  • Also, tell couples to do forgiveness work daily. Without their knowledge, the violet flame emanates and transmutes their burdens and heal their longstanding depression into love and light.

I have seen couples transforming themselves and connecting with the light side of life, uniting with their soulmate by realizing their mistakes, and starting a new life. This needs more patience, faith, forgiveness, and mostly, prayer from their heart for re-union.

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Kala Bashini.K
Kala Bashini

Kala Bashini is a Reiki and an Arhatic Pranic Healing Practitioner. She is into counseling and also she learned many healing modalities like Divine Guidance (how to connect with God and Devas) Acupressure, Mantra chanting, Mudras, Switchwords, Energy circles, Colour Therapy, various kinds of meditation on healing. Kala Bashini can be reach on bashu_kala@yahoo.co.in

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  • R. Gopalakrishnan August 2, 2019, 8:22 am

    I am Retd. D. G. M / NLC Staying at Annanagar.Chennai-40. I am 83 and interested in Reiki Healing. Contact no. 9444928428
    Can you please educate me the Art of Reiki Healing. If possible please send me the concerned Books. Regards. Gk

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