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Crystal Clearing with Smudging

We have already discussed about number of methods to clear, clean and reactivate crystals with positive energy, including burying them in the earth, cleansing in moonlight, with water and various other methods.

For any practitioner who uses crystals in his treatment, keeping crystals clean and filled with positive energy is very important. With properly cleansed crystals, the outcome of a Reiki session can be more effective. With each session, crystals accumulate some of the energies, so it is mandatory for a Reiki practitioner to clean them before using the same crystals in another session.


Out of many effective cleansing methods, smudging in another easy way to not only clear your crystals, but it can also fill the crystal with positive energies. It is one of the most ancient methods to cleanse crystals, used even by Native Americans. As crystals absorb any kind of energy, both negative and positive, you can easily replace negative energies with positive energies. Many people who seek quick resolution for their crystals may find smudging technique very handy. Different practitioners use different elements or compounds for smudging based on their liking.


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Some of the effective smudges are as follows:

White Sage: It is very effective and commonly used for smudging crystals. You can use smudging sticks that are easy to use or can get a hand on loose sage leaf.

Lavender: Some smudge sticks are made up of white sage but you can also find some made up of lavender. You can also use lavender smudging sticks to cleanse your crystals as it is also an effective way to cleanse your crystals.

Other Herbs: Smudging sticks are made up of different types of herbs, so you have a wide variety of options to use any kind of natural herb for smudging.

Sage Smoke: It is a very effective and powerful tool that not only cleanses the crystals but can also fill them with positive energy. It can also cleanse the whole environment from negative energies where it is used.

The Process:

The cleansing process using smudging is very simple. If you are using sage smoke, make sure you are holding the crystals or stones within the stream of dense smoke. The more smoke passes thorough the crystal, the cleaner will it become.

If you are using a smudge stick, make sure to place your stick near the crystals and move it around them so the whole place can feel the sage essence. You can move the smudge stick over the crystals slowly and gradually to relieve them from negative energies. Make sure to move the stick up and down on the crystals in spiral motion. The method is based on the energy of fire to remove and replace positive energies into Crystals and sacred scent of the smudge. Combination of fire energy and sacredness of smudge becomes a powerful cleaning tool for Crystals.

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