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Cleansing Crystals with Reiki by burying them

Crystals hold a very special place and are often used as a tool by Reiki practitioners during energy healing sessions. The “problem” with crystals is that they often pick unwanted energies of other people that need to be cleared before using these crystals in another healing session.

There are number of techniques used for cleansing of crystal and gemstones, few of which we have already discussed on our website. In this article, we will discuss about cleansing crystals by burying them.

Why to Bury?

The earth contains energies that are often used by Reiki practitioners during self healing or Reiki healing sessions. During grounding, people transfer these energies into their body and to others. By burying crystals in earth, we expose crystals and gemstones to these natural and very effective energies contained in earth. The earth energies can remove all negative and unwanted energies from the crystals. This is one of the reasons why many practitioners prefer this method and see it as the most natural way of clearing your crystals. Energies contained by earth can also enhance the healing ability of a crystal in addition to clearing it off from other people’s energy.


Image by Brînzei

Time Duration

If you are cleansing your crystals by burying them for the first time, it is recommended to bury them for at least a week. You can reduce a day when you bury them again for cleansing, but use at least 3 days to bury them in the earth. Remember, the longer you will leave your crystals in earth, the more powerful they will become with deeper cleansing.

Where to Bury Your Crystals?

Some recommend to bury them at a place with lot of nature around, such as a garden with lot of flower plants.

You can bury your crystals in earth, clay, natural loam or even soil but earth is preferred. If you are burying your crystals and gemstones in earth, make sure to mark the place properly, you don’t want to dig the whole of your garden just to find your crystals :). With your crystals buried deep in the earth for a week, you can easily feel the earth’s resonance when you will use them again in your healing sessions.

Even though, the method of burying crystals in earth is not as quick as many other cleansing methods, it is not just about cleansing of crystals, but also about enhancing their healing ability. This method is also used for recharging your crystals.

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  • Chris Kerss March 7, 2013, 10:56 am

    I found this article really helpful. I left a rose quartz point with my father when he was ill. When I took it home again it needed to be buried for a whole month. The difference in the crystal was amazing and it has since been taken back to be with my father. I am sure it will need to be buried again, but it seems to help my dad and the renewed strength the rose quartz now has is amazing. 🙂

    • Reiki Rays March 7, 2013, 2:23 pm

      That’s a great story on how much impact crystals can have!

      Could you elaborate on the difference in the crystal? Was there a visible change, or did you “feel” it?


  • Ruby June 23, 2013, 3:37 am

    Is burying them in sand just as good?

    • Reiki Rays June 26, 2013, 12:10 pm

      I don’t see why not… I’d just try it and see if it works :-), maybe if you have two crystals, you could try burying them both, one in sand and one not, and then see if you notice a difference! 🙂

  • Jessica September 24, 2015, 10:53 pm

    What would you suggest for a person who has between 20 and 30 stones that all need to be cleansed? Is it okay to bury them together?

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