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Reiki Explained the Scientific Way

Article by Nivedita Bhosale

As a Reiki Master, we often come across queries around how Reiki or energy healing works and whether it really exists. The simplest way to explain Reiki is that it is an all-knowing form of energy and flows where it is needed. However, few people are still intrigued with Reiki and want a scientific explanation. So, how exactly does Reiki work?

With recent findings in quantum physics, an explanation of we ‘Being energy’ and how energy impacts us becomes clear. Quantum physicists have discovered that the fundamental building blocks of matter are made of energy.

It is believed that the Universe was born out of the Big Bang explosion and after hundreds of millions of years, stars began to form. The force of the explosion was so strong that the stars are still moving outwards and so the Universe is spreading and getting bigger all the time! We, therefore, carry the universal wisdom of the light or energy in every cell of our body.

Let’s understand what matter our body is built of as per quantum physics.

Reiki explained the scientific way

The frequency with which each of the above elements vibrates determines the state of our bodies. It’s as simple as, if you are listening to the radio, when you tune the radio-set to the correct frequency of the radio station, you hear clearly -without noise or disturbance whereas, if you poorly tune in, then you will find it hard to hear and have an unpleasant experience.

Reiki explained the scientific way

Image by ColiN00B

Since our body has the omnipresent wisdom in every cell, it knows how to heal itself. In today’s modern world, our bodies tend to get out of sync due to factors like environment, contaminated food, stress which leads to ailments such anxiety, depression and long-term illness. It is in such times, that energy healing techniques such as Reiki, come to the rescue. By learning to manage and balance the subtle energies and tap the infinite wisdom, we re-align our energies and live life to the fullest. Reiki is designed to heal the deeper aspects of the energy elements of the body. By using Reiki to heal our body, the energy magnifies the innate cell wisdom and heals not just our physical body but many past life issues as well which probably were not known to us.

It’s important to tune into your energies by listening to your body and taking steps to heal. The energies define your health and put you into a state to which you are tuned in.

It is possible to justify Reiki or any energy healing technique, with the progressions in quantum physics and support anyone who needs healing. Nonetheless, Reiki flows where it is needed irrespective of the beliefs, as is Universal life force!

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Nivedita Bhosale
Nivedita Bhosale

Nivedita Bhosale is a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering followed by Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing. Serving 9 years in the Corporate sector, her strong inclination towards Reiki drove her to be a healer and a teacher. Born as an intuitive and gifted with deep compassion, she got enthralled with the divine gift of Reiki and would like to expand her experiences by nurturing Reiki in everyone’s lives. She is a Holistic healer, Independent Reiki Teacher, and a Traditional Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. You can reach her at melbournereikiessence@gmail.com.

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  • kalpana dangat February 16, 2018, 3:06 pm

    nice article .

    • NIVEDITA BHOSALE February 21, 2018, 7:55 am

      Thank you Kalpana. Namaste.

  • mariewilson February 25, 2018, 8:01 am

    I know what my son needs,combind with physics of reiki, company , people he can help, some individual people unable to walk sufficiently, would like company, would make him feel , ” I have had a good day ”
    ” in a suitable environment Edinburgh,

  • Lori Anne March 3, 2018, 2:09 am

    Thank you Nivedita – beautiful article from a beautiful soul. Blessings & abundance to you for sharing your gifts with the world. Light, Love & Peace, Lori 🙂

  • Justine May 6, 2018, 7:32 pm

    Love this article! Thank you. 💕

  • PANKIL KAPADIA October 24, 2018, 8:31 am

    Thank you for the scientific explanation. This will solve queries of many persons regarding the universal life force energy (Reiki)

  • Jorge October 24, 2018, 9:40 pm

    Thank you. I have been a Reiki Master for several years & have had some miraculous experiences with it. However, some of my family members were scandalized when they heard this. They told me that it was not allowed by our religion and it was banned from many hospitals across the country. The reason is that these hospitals and religious organizations believe that the symbols we use represent pagan gods and are incompatible with Christianity. I use it only for my immediate family for personal reasons.

  • Nisha Shah August 19, 2020, 7:40 am

    Thank you Nivedita for the wonderful article. Reiki – The Universal Cosmic Energy was explained very well in a scientific way. This is an answer for all those who question Reiki. Do post more articles.

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