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Reiki Master Level Attunement Experience

Article by Bhavna Bhosale

In every person’s lifetime, he/she experience some life-changing event. It is one magical moment for them… some are able to understand it… some not…. In my life, my attunement day of Reiki Master level was one such day which was a life-changing day for me…. Yes, of course, one because I got the teacher who is a divine light in herself…. I am so fortunate to get the Reiki attunement from her. I would definitely like to share this experience with you. While I am writing I am reliving those magical moments 🙂

When she asked me at the start of the attunement to relax, I believe I became more cautious and alert. Maybe I just wanted to experience everything… didn’t want to skip anything so gave an alert subconsciously to all my senses…. However later in some time, I got relaxed and left myself to the flow of events.

And then the movie started in front of my closed eyes… I saw the beautiful staircase going up and up… higher till the heaven may be not sure with the closed white door with the wooden frame at the end…. Entire scene was very bright and white with the heavenly fragrance…. Someone was asking me to climb the steps and open the door…. It was an angel surely with huge wings and very cool and calm and a peace in himself. As I always feel I have a soul connection with my son I took him along with me with my husband and daughter following us… that’s when the angel told me that this is only for you not for anyone else… without a second thought in my mind, I started climbing the stairs… of course with my angel with me… the experience was so tranquil…. I opened the door… and there he was… my angel (I guess the same angel) with his wings wide open and welcoming me…. I just saw him…. Instantly felt the connection… I just hugged him… he wrapped me in his wide warm wings… as if someone elderly has wrapped you…. I just started crying profusely…. With all my tears my all deepest fears, my sorrows were flowing down… deep inside I was feeling so calm… so peaceful…. He was just patting me and reassuring me that he is there for me don’t worry… it’s ok… cry as much as you want to cry… and there I was… like a little girl… crying and crying… but now the status has changed… I was more content and happy inside… I asked him if he is going to be with me forever… so he laughed and told me that he is always there… even if I am driving the car he is sitting beside my driving seat… if I will be attending any function he will be there with me looking at me and adoring me…. I asked him to protect my family… he just widened his wings… took my house under his wings…then my complex… my city… my planet…. So many planets… the entire universe is now under his warm and protective wings… 🙂

Attunement Experience of Master Level

Image by just4today

He also asked me if I wanted to speak with my father…. My father recently passed away…. Being a single daughter I was missing him so much though I have always made a strong face in front of everyone. I nodded yes… and there was an instant call going on to my father…. I clearly heard speaking myself with my father over the call…. I told him I was so missing him… why did he just left us suddenly…. I could hear his reassuring voice where he was asking me about everyone and telling me that he is very fine there… don’t worry about him…. I will always be grateful for this experience for my entire life!! Now, though I miss the physical presence of my father I know I can connect with him anytime…. And he listens to me…!

I also saw Shri Bhagwan Shankar sitting on Kailasa in his famous pose meditating… he just opened his eyes and smiled at me… reassuring me about his existence and protection…. I also saw Swamy Samarth on whom I have a tremendous faith and trust… reassuring his presence with me.

I also saw the bottle where all the positivity, happiness, tranquility, faith is going inside and someone is actually capping it… so now the bottle is full of faith, positivity, and life!

After the attunement, I felt so light and happy as well…. As if I have achieved something… something which was missing for a long time!

I thank Reiki and my teacher Charuta from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a divine experience.

Thank you all for reading this!

Loads of Love and peace to you!

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Bhavna Bhosale

Bhavna Bhosale

Bhavna Bhosale is an HR professional and Reiki Master Healer based in Mumbai, India. An extreme positive person with an immense interest in the spiritual modalities. She is passionate about helping others by bringing the positive changes in their lives. Reiki has helped her to discover the purpose of her soul to connect with others and empower them by helping themselves. She feels that Reiki is not just a spiritual modality, but a way of life. She can be reached at energiesallaround@gmail.com for Reiki Learning or Healing Appointments.

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  • Mahendra Madhavrao Jadhav June 15, 2018, 9:05 am

    Feeling calm after reading…Great experience. Thanks for Sharing..

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