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Unethical Reiki Practice

Article by Piyusha Sinha

Greetings everyone! Today is my first article with Reiki Rays and I would like to start this journey by spreading a message of awareness.

I am writing about a subject which distresses me much as a Reiki healer, and is disturbing to know that some people are using this sacred profession to cheat, fraud and extract money from people who come to them for help. A professional should always be honest and sincere in their job and a Reiki professional is just no different.

The noblest use of Reiki is to share it for humanitarian services, the welfare of the society, and the ailing in particular. As a professional, we all are supposed to be fully transparent with our patients on the efficacy of the healing.

I have been hearing and coming across a lot of people who were given false hopes, wrong guidance by people claiming to be Reiki masters. It is so sad that greed for money has overtaken the intention and true purpose of this beautiful energy.

I am going to share here the story of a dear friend, Sarah who had to go through a very dreadful time because she, unfortunately, went to a Reiki healer who was more interested in the fee than in healing.

My friend Sarah, a pretty, young and confident woman developed some skin conditions on her face which got covered with acne and bright red colored zits. She went to a specialist for treatment, but instead of her skin getting any better, it became even worse. So she decided to request healing from a Reiki Grandmaster who has a very famous holistic healing practice in her hometown. This master gave her healing for about six months, during which she became depressed, unhealthy, and there was not a single positive change in her skin conditions. Out of the blue, Sarah contacted me one day and told me the whole story. I was aghast to find out that she had to go through so much trouble and it also looked like she was getting duped by this so called Reiki Grandmaster. I asked Sara if I can take up her healing and see if I can make any difference in her situation. But she was not so easily convinced, as by then, her trust in Reiki and its healers was badly shaken. She kept on saying “nothing will work, it won’t help, I have tried so much”. It took some time for her to finally accept the healing, not because she had any faith left in Reiki, but for the trust she had on me as her friend. And bingo, within two weeks of healing, Sara’s skin problem started healing, she slowly got back her faith in Reiki too and is now back to her pretty and confident self.

Unethical Reiki Practice

This is just one of the many incidents I have come across, there are so many similar cases happening. As a Reiki master, I am fully aware that there are issues which takes months and months of healing, specially if they are deep rooted. But giving false hopes and wrong guidance to extract money from a client is seriously unethical. How is it that a Grandmaster, during six months time, has not able to heal his patient for a skin condition, but when another healer takes up the case, it starts healing within two weeks? Was the intention put for her healing or simply earning money from her?

By no means should Reiki become a medium to make money by giving false assurances to the gullible clients who come to a healer and entrust all their faith. How are these people forgetting the important principle of Reiki, “Just for today I will do my work honestly “

I feel there is still a lack of knowledge and awareness in our society about Reiki and how the healing works. This is a small effort to spread the message that there are people who are using Reiki unethically and we should all come together and discourage such practices and spread awareness as much as possible. Thank you for reading!

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Piyusha Sinha

Piyusha Sinha

Piyusha is a Reiki Master and Teacher, to whom Reiki came at a very young age and ever since, has been the guiding source of her life. She practices Usui, Tara mai, Karuna, Angel, Karmic, Crystal and Kundalini Reiki and also does Akashic and Angel card readings. Piyusha lives in India and can be reached via her Facebook page www.facebook.com/peeyuztreeoflife  


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  • Rinku June 11, 2015, 4:23 am

    Whoaaaaa Piyusha!!! This awareness was much needed.. Real eye-opener.. Kudos to u.. And ofcourse awesome article…

    • Piyusha June 11, 2015, 7:42 am

      Thank you so much Rinku !!

  • Kathi AKA Reiki Nurse June 11, 2015, 4:40 am

    I’m sorry your friend had to spend so much money and go through such a long time in her suffering. I don’t know the entire circumstances, but I would hope that as Reiki practitioners we would support each other’s practices, rather than tear each other down. If there is no proof that this particular Reiki practitioner was a charlatan, perhaps it’s best not to claim so.

    Sometimes, healing doesn’t work because the client himself or herself is not ready to let go of the particular issue. She may claim to be ready on the surface, but deep down there is something holding her back from being completely healed. If this had been my client, and if she’d not been feeling better after 3-5 treatments with me, I would have helped her find another healer with whom she may have had better success.

    I don’t feel that putting another practitioner down simply because the client did not heal from the ailment, or claiming that that practitioner is simply extorting money from others because no healing occurred on the surface is unkind, and not in the best interest of Reiki healing as a general whole. In fact, it may be a bit unprofessional and unethical. Perhaps healing occurred within the client, on some levels that have yet to be revealed. Regardless of whether or not healing occurred at all, we need to be cognizant of the fact that each of us has been trained in various ways in the healing mechanism of Reiki, and each of us has various ways of promoting and using Reiki energy. While I don’t personally condone a charlatan in the name of Reiki (or in the name of God) I don’t feel it is my place to be judge and/or jury on any one person or way of doing Reiki.
    Peace, Love, & Light ~
    Kathi R. AKA Reiki Nurse

    • Piyusha June 11, 2015, 4:56 am

      Dear Kathi, thank you for your feedback..I will not make tall claims about anyone unless I have enough proofs and incidences to back me..there are many people who are misusing their practices, and this articles sole intention is to bring awareness about it..

      • Kimberly Wohlford June 11, 2015, 10:21 pm

        Piyusha, I’d have to agree with Kathi. I appreciate the intention behind this article to create awareness that a title alone does not a Reiki Master make. However, I feel that your representation of the Grandmaster as a fraud seems a bit ungrounded without specific facts to back up this accusation. This article may have been more powerful had you substantiated the claim with examples of other clients being duped OR had you contacted this Grandmaster for an interview to discover more about her practice and credentials. Quite frankly, the tone of this article implies that you are a better Reiki practitioner (and you certainly may be) but the power of Reiki does not lie in judgement, ego nor directing intention. In my experience, I’ve found it crucial for my clients to understand that they are equal participants in the healing process by being open and accepting of the healing power of Reiki. They must be made aware of this responsibility. Reiki is not a “magic pill.”

        • Kathi June 12, 2015, 12:23 am

          Dear Kimberly:
          You bring up valid points in your response, as well. Reiki is a tool, a flow of energy, and a powerful elixir at times. But it isn’t a magic pill, as you put it. But also it is true that Reiki is not based in Ego, judgment or any other misrepresentation. Our clients ARE to be active participants in their own healing, as we are NOT the ones healing them. We are simply a conduit for the healing energy that will be used with their effort put forth to help them heal from whatever ails them.
          Thanks for your input!

      • Kathi June 12, 2015, 12:19 am

        Dear Piyusha:
        I’m so sorry then that this has happened 🙁 I was not implying that you were not saying what happened for sure, but rather reminding you that there is good intentions in everyone. I like to see the goodness in all, even in those who are evil there is some good. There is darkness in each of us, as well, because darkness and light share space within our very Souls.

        I do know there are charlatans out there, especially when I see some claims to being able to Attune a person online or at a distance. I was taught Usui Reiki, and I am 3rd generation from Hawaya Takata. My Reiki Master teacher was Vicky Walsh, her Reiki Master was John Gray (one of the 22 Reiki Masters Attuned by Hawaya Takata in the United States). For me, the symbols and the ‘mysteries’ of Reiki have been held Sacred and clandestine. I share in your dismay at the people who take advantage of others during their times of need. It’s very sad that this vibrant and healing energy is being used and abused in such a way, not to mention that our brothers and sisters are being taken advantage of. It gives our profession a difficult name to clear!

        Peace & Light, dear Piyusha!

  • Shubhada June 11, 2015, 7:17 am

    Very Nice Article Piyusha. Liked it.

    • Piyusha June 11, 2015, 7:40 am

      Thank you so much !!

  • Maitry June 11, 2015, 8:36 am

    Wonderful article.. Piyusha, Thanks for sharing

  • Sweta Agarwal June 11, 2015, 8:46 am

    Yes Piyusha this could be a possibility. I believe reiki does work when given and taken with a positive intention…but sometimes when u r distressed u dont feel like practicing..So, people connect reiki masters for help with some expectations. And I have also seen few cases wherein patients do not get any relief. So, reading your article I could say that unethical practice of reiki could be a possibility. I would request all Reiki practitioners, if there is anything like unethical reiki practice around you; try to stop that and spread pure & honest healing.

  • Zino Athens June 11, 2015, 9:22 am

    Hello & WC to RR ! Thanks for spreading the awareness. Not all professionals think the same or have the same ethics I guess. I think it’s because they get into the professional practice as a means of earning rather than a way to personal growth. If people do the practice with the intention of earning, neither the practice will pick up, nor will their clients be happy.

  • Vimi June 11, 2015, 11:41 am

    Piyusha, what an eye opener!

  • Vedant June 11, 2015, 5:10 pm

    Superb. It’s amazing that you chose to write on a very important yet not spoken about topic..
    Great article

  • Rewansh June 11, 2015, 6:13 pm

    Lovely article Piyusha mam, I’m sure this wouldn’t go down well with quite a few folks as quite a few of them have Intention’s other than noble, in ideal world as Kathi meant we all are in this noble arena of divinity and trueness but issue is, it isn’t an ideal world. I do agree we shouldn’t be judging anyone but as a reiki channel I feel its also our duty to stop or atleast educate people if something is not right and by this article you have hit the nail on its head. Also this might atleast for once act as a thoughtful deterrent to those who cross the basic rule and principle of Reiki Infact for that matter integrity. This also goes to channels who not only kind of thug but also who mislead folks by giving wrong info to their clients or prospective clients by bending the basic laws of Reiki or any other noble energy for that matter.

  • Nikki June 11, 2015, 6:28 pm

    I would be wary of anyone calling themselves a Grandmaster, a lot of ego there…Good article I was taught that we need to be careful in claiming we can heal someone, for we are not the healer they are..<3

  • Ajat June 11, 2015, 7:03 pm


  • namrata June 12, 2015, 6:30 am

    Hello Piyusha,
    Nice article,best of luck for future articles……

  • charisma June 12, 2015, 9:23 am

    lovely article Piyusha 🙂

  • Jacqueline June 12, 2015, 3:41 pm

    Hi there I do know what your talking about love your article I went for my reiki 1 attunement with someone who knows nothing about reiki or using energies yet she wants to do this in her own practice I think this is so fraudulent and down right sad to see for the sake of making money

  • Piyusha June 14, 2015, 10:13 am

    Thank you !!

  • Shyam Krishnan June 15, 2015, 1:37 pm

    Nice article.. Really glad your friend was healed and her faith in the universal force has been restored . 🙂 🙂

    Could you tell me what kind of healing you did in the 2 weeks? Distant, in-person, angel healing,……???? Could be of use some day 🙂

    And yes,once again, Kudos to your debut article 🙂

    • Piyusha June 16, 2015, 8:29 am

      Hello, thank you for your wishes. I was healing my friend through distance, and did psychic surgery and Karuna reiki on her..psychic surgery is mostly taught to everyone after level two and a very effective method to remove negativities. And Karuna reiki helped heal her emotionally.

      • Shyam Krishnan June 17, 2015, 1:45 pm

        Great job 🙂

  • Jacqueline August 14, 2015, 11:52 pm

    Hi I was just reading through some of the comments and the one from kathi caught my eye because I was attuned personally and in distance and the distance one was actually better than the in person I was able to do it in my time and in my own surroundings and it worked just perfect so u are so wrong in calling these people who can do distant attunements and being a reiki master u should know that u can send healing or attunements by distance. reiki has no limits in space or time. I enjoyed reading ur article very much payusha I have came across someone who was only trying to make money but stopped because she didn’t relise she would be going threw healing herself so was glad to hear this she had no prior knowledge of reiki and I was dumbfounded and quete upset by this but felt it wasn’t my place to tell her what sge should and shouldn’t do I tried to advise her but fell on deaf ears untill she had a bad healing crisis so she never went into learn reiki 2 keep u the great articles very informative and thank you for it too ???????????? xxx

  • Samidha November 5, 2015, 1:16 pm

    Hi mam. How can I contact you? Any mail id?

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