Protect Yourself During Reiki


Some practitioners, especially in the beginning, feel tired after giving a Reiki treatment. This could have several causes, but probably the most common is that you’re channelling your own energy, instead of Reiki, to the patient.

How do I protect myself while giving Reiki?

There are many ways to protect yourself, and your Reiki Master may have taught you different techniques. Here are a few tips.

1. Remember that your intention rules :), literally! Before starting a session, say out loud or to yourself, “may I channel nothing but divine Reiki to [name]”. Ask your guides to make sure that this happens.

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2. Stay grounded during the entire session.

3. While giving Reiki, don’t “force” it. Relax, and “allow it to flow” instead.

4. At the end of the session, say “may all the energy that may have been exchanged return to its owner”, and clap your hands (or make another gesture with the same meaning) to cut off the connection.

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    • Linda, try doing something physical with your legs and feet, like walking, marching in place, bouncing up and down, shaking your whole body for a few minutes, or stomping your feet. Grounds you very quickly.

      • Imagine roots connecting you to the core of the earth supporting you nourishing you ankering you strongly whilst opening up to the universal energy above. As above so below… particularly when in session and go with the flow… Xx

          • Actually,either one can work….to each his/her own, as the saying goes! I myself am in a wheelchair, so I cannot jump/skip,move my legs… I close my eyes and visualize roots coming from the floor, anchoring my chair and coming upwards,and I myself,raise my hands and reach towards the sky.

    • When I first started practising I was advised to rub clary sage or a similar essential oil with grounding properties into my bare feet. I also find working barefoot provides a physical grounding.
      You will find what works for you.

    • The quickest was I’ve developed is to close my eyes and visualise an anchor dropping from my root chakra and going through all the layers of the earth, until it reaches the core. I see it anchoring firmly and sending light back up the chain to my root chakra to stabilise the link. Hope this helps 🙂

  1. Does anyone themselves ever experience getting really sick after reiki? I sometimes get nautious & outrageously hot. Any tips? I try grounding quite a bit.

    • Sounds like a burn-off or detox reaction. 🙂 Best thing I know is to simply let it take its course, and to fight it as little as possible. If you block it, you’ll prevent the stuff from leaving that needs to leave. However, you can always ask your Higher Self, angels, guides, etc. to “dial it down” a bit. 🙂

      • Go back home and take a shower from head to toe saying cleansing has been done on me and am surrounded by the positive energy. Draw energy symbol over you .

    • The first time I have a Reiki session to a sickly family member, i got deathly ill for 3 days! I knew I had taken on her symptoms & she felt amazing, while I was drained. I learned the hard way, but it was a great lesson!

  2. I always wear Black tourmaline during a session, and never wear shoes, and always at the end i Leave my client to become fully aware, on the table, and I go and rinse my hands in cold water 🙂

  3. dont forget to ground urself and protect urself with a protecting unpenetrable dome of divine gold protecting energir which surrounds u completly and let nothing in that isnt divine, positive and from the source and protects u from all negative things and energy and lower energys/entities

    u should protect and ground i always everyday in my opinion and especialy making connection or working with energy

    cause unprotected
    ur also open to the lower energys/entities and that u dont want!!

    and if u do a healing ur client wont either(but he/she prob doesnt know this)

    Nor should u give healing when u r self not feeling ok, because u also give that, even if u work with only with the divine energy it flows through the one thats doing the healing and his vibrations is lower and that he also flows with the energy…


  4. I was taught by my master to protect myself by creating an imaginary fire before healing into which you throw the negative energy.

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