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Protect Your Child with Reiki

Article by Bhavna Bhosale

In today’s world, we are exposed to so many threats, stress, and tensions. Even being an adult it becomes difficult for us to handle the things, think about our kids then. As a parent we always want our children to be happy, healthy and free from the brutal realities of the world. We want to give all the happiness in the world to them.

Earlier times, kids were safe and protected as they were not much exposed to the outer world. Of course, that also had some cons of its own. However, no one can deny the fact that the parents then were not so much worried about the safety of the kids like we are now. It becomes so difficult to trust anyone when the question of the safety of the kids comes.

So, in this situation apart from all the logical things like background check, CCTV and all, one miracle thing comes to your rescue which is Reiki. What best gift we can give it to them other than Reiki Protection?

Sharing with you the small practice I do every day for this –
  • When the day starts, while the children are yet to get up, you give them the protection of Reiki Bubble.
  • Imagine a big white transparent bubble around them with the Reiki symbols on it mainly CKR & SHK.
  • Call the Reiki to be with the children for the entire day and protect them till they go asleep. Give the flow for 5-10 mins or as per your intuitions.
  • While the children get ready for sleep, pat them and cover them with SHK Symbol to have a peaceful and sound sleep. This will help to remove all the emotional damage which might have occurred during the day.

Hope this helps you in having a peace of mind where the safety of the child is concerned. Of course, you can add to this whatever you are guided to.

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Bhavna Bhosale
Bhavna Bhosale

Bhavna Bhosale is an HR professional and Reiki Master Healer based in Mumbai, India. An extreme positive person with an immense interest in the spiritual modalities. She is passionate about helping others by bringing the positive changes in their lives. Reiki has helped her to discover the purpose of her soul to connect with others and empower them by helping themselves. She feels that Reiki is not just a spiritual modality, but a way of life. She can be reached at energiesallaround@gmail.com for Reiki Learning or Healing Appointments.

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