Reiki Stats: Favorite Smudging Flavor


We recently asked on Facebook what smudging flavor our readers prefer.

We were surprised to find out that one flavor is way more popular than all the others. And that is: the white sage.

Top Smudging Flavors among Reiki Practitioners
Top Smudging Flavors among Reiki Practitioners

Roughly 51% of the practitioners expressed their preference for the white sage. This is followed, at a great distance, by the sweet grass (roughly 11%) and nag champa and sage (approximately 8% each).

Also popular are the lavender and the incense. But the interesting part is that the white sage is almost off the chart!

Obviously, something to try, if you haven’t so far ;).


  1. I make an infusion from a dry smudge mixture of white sage, desert sage, sacred feather sage, Western cedar, sweet grass, juniper, and lavender, then mix the infusion 50:50 with vodka (as a preservative), put in a dark 100 mL spray bottle and use it to clean and clear as you would a smoke smudge. The scent is the same, albeit much lighter and fresher than the smoke smudge, and I find it works equally well.

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