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Reiki and Smudging: Part I

Smudging is a cleansing process of mind and inner body, which associates with healing practices introduced by Native Americans. It can help in healing negativity of emotions within us and other associated tasks. Reiki masters define smudging as a modern way of making use of vibrations of smelling to channelize the energy. Smudging works in a way to diffuse the smoke of herbs through your aura field to get rid of negativity out of your auric field.

Smudging: New Age Ritual

Smudging is a new age mechanism, which is adopted by a different class of Reiki members. There were studies made for high level of calibration for smudging. We have an example of Dr David Hawkins, who calibrated smudging at 520, which is quite closer to 540 (absolute love). The concept of smudging initiated thousands years ago, but in that concept, incense was burnt for the purpose of cleansing and alignment of energy in a right direction.

Usage of Herbs

White sage (desert sage) is widely used in combination with lavender, cedar and sweetgrass. It can eliminate the negativity and keeps away all the evil energies. Sage makes it easy to clear aura or atmosphere around people. Cedar and sweetgrass are used in several sacred ceremonies to generate positivity. There are many herbs used by different sources for reducing low level energy to arise in body or environment.

Applications of Reiki & Smudging

Reiki is practiced with smudging with high-class modules. The concept of smudging began in 1980s and reiki practitioners tried this concept with their Reiki practice to generate better results. The concepts of Smudging arose when people started getting good results with the practices of Reiki and Smudging.

Techniques used for smudging process

In general terms, the process of smudging goes with filling of a bowl with sand to easily extinguish lighting. If there are people around you, you can check with them regarding any allergies they may have with smoke and make sure that the room has appropriate ventilation levels. There are many places, where open flames are prohibited. You can lighten the flame by a lighter and hold the sage near base portion of twig. The flames should be ignited towards topmost edges of plant. You should be very careful that the fire doesn’t catch hair and clothing.

When the flames are ignited, wave off the plant gently for extinguishing the flame, so that it emits smoke. It is not preferable to blow off the flame with breath stroke as it can transfer your negativity into smoke. If the smoke is on full swing, you can ask the person for whom you are smudging to stand with their shoulders apart and arms extended to either side. There are cleansing prayers performed for getting rid of depressing energy from a person.

Feeling for Beginners

Smudging can cleanse your body’s energy by outlining it with smoke of herb. The process begins from crown area and moves towards lower parts of the body. Balancing of foot may become a problem for some people. A person might have to turn 180 degree for outlining and filling aura with the smoke of herbs. The herbs can be used to flow Reiki towards your student or partner. It can cleanse front and back energy levels.

It can be used for self-usage. The smoke can be moved around your own aura with flow of herbal smoke and positive energy around your field for positive good of every person. When you are done, you can insert the herb into sand containing pit, which will prevent the risks of fire hazards. Reiki and Smudging can have positive impacts on the body and can restrain a person to get negative energies from your environment or inside a person.

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  • Eva Hindt September 12, 2014, 10:32 am

    I have smudged my home,while doing a Reiki cleansing to it. I never thought of smudgeing my aura. Thanks for this article. I am going to start doing this.

  • Roger Nobles December 23, 2014, 8:55 pm

    I totally appreciate your group and the fantastic information you present – however in this article you say something that actually false. Smudging did not originate in the 80’s nor is a new age ritual. Smudging was used long before this new age movement came along, it may have been adopted by new agers, and as per their usual, the meaning, the purpose and the method may have been redefined, however Smudging has long been a tool of indigenous healers for many centuries. I am not a fan of the 21st century new agers in any form and they certainly do not deserve credit nor blame for smudging, it does not belong to them, never has and never will. I do want to say again that I find Reiki Rays to be a credible, reliable source of information and a valuable resource I refer all my students too as well. Thank you for being

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