Q&A: What Is a Reiki Guide?


Many people, especially among those who haven’t been initiated or attuned to Reiki, have this question on their mind.

What is a Reiki Guide?

A Guide is an entity or being working in association with every healer. Most practitioners know that these guides exist, and some can even literally see them. Others only feel their presence every now and then. Some people have only one guide, or at least one that they “make contact” with most often, while others are working with multiple guides.

If you haven’t experienced your Guide just yet, don’t worry. They’re there when you need them, whether you can feel their presence or not.

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People who’ve been practicing for a while and have a calmer mind and less or no stress can more easily communicate with their guides, whether it’s through intuition, thoughts, or even seeing them. On the other hand, people caught up in daily activities who, for example, don’t meditate and don’t channel Reiki regularly, are less sensitive and have a harder time getting in touch.

Irrespective of whether you can connect to your Guide or not on a conscious level, they will always help you. They do this either by dropping some hints or creating peculiar sinchronicities, or sometimes even by creating strange circumstances and obstacles to stop you from harming yourself or doing something which would have a negative impact.


  1. So far I’ve made contact with one Reiki guide named “Tom”……I laughed the first time he came to me in meditation……I thought, “What a vanilla name for a Reiki Guide”.

  2. I have not made direct contact with my guide yet and now I know why…my energy is too dense. But as i was reading this article i felt warmth round my shoulders. That you for the insight xx

  3. I met my guide at my Reiki II attunement. His name is Han (pronounced Haan) and he had been “patiently ” waiting for me to be reiki attuned. He helps me so much and has been very helpful in my reiki practice!

  4. I have be doing Reiki periodically for many years. I have 2 guides, one male and one female. Since starting Reki, and understanding what the messages my guides gave me, I have defeated my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I am MS FREE and now live in a place only my guides knew, until I listened to them. Life is Great!

  5. Thank you for all of the articles you post. I am a massage therapist for hospice Pts. I felt drawn to learn reiki and learn about crystals. I am currently waiting to attend reiki 1-2 this month! I honestly can’t wait to get my attunement and enjoy my new journey with reiki. I am so looking forward to doing much pratice of reiki on many people I love that are in deed of it and on myself as well. Thank you again for the great articles.

  6. i recently heard the nane Haasha whilst sending distant reiki. feels so different from my other guides. am wondering if the name is given to me or is it my guides name?? def female xxx luv this site its awesome x

  7. I am not sure if its a guide or not but a male deer springs to mind when I do reiki on people. Have only been level 2 since July.

    • Hi Claire,

      The deer you see is most definitely your animal spirit guide!

      Lok it up and you will find tons of i formation about how your animal guide relates to your life!

  8. I’m currently attuned for reiki level 1 and am wondering if it’s possible at this early reiki stage to know the name of one of my spirit guides. I recently read an article on how to know the name of your guide. I looked into the sky and repeated “I want to know my reiki guide” for 3 minutes. However at about 2 minutes, I had a name pop in my head out of nowhere. I couldn’t make up this name if I tried so I know it was my guide introducing herself through my intuition. The name I came up with was Chezra. The last name that came to me was Philiana (not sure on spelling) It was really easy to do but still I have to wonder if it’s normal to learn this at level 1

  9. I was introduced to mine at my second degree reiki attunment his name is Seth could feel his energy cant wait till I can communicate with him:)

  10. can you tell me that if I should begin learing Reiki? I have noticed that in the last year I became very interested with my hands to move over my pets. Yes I know it sounds really strange or even crazy. Where is this coming from. I have looked into some articles online. Please help me out here and let me know if this is somebody telling me something or I am just wasting my time.

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