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Q&A: What If I Don’t Turn Reiki Off?

Have you been wondering what happens if you don’t turn Reiki off, whether it’s because you forgot to do it, or fell asleep :), or got interrupted and had to finish the session in a haste?

What if I don’t turn Reiki off? (forgot, fell asleep, etc)

Short answer: Don’t worry. It will turn itself off, or your guides will do it for you.

Longer answer: Reiki is an intelligent energy and it’s perfectly capable of turning itself off when it’s done. Many people fall asleep with Reiki, and even if they don’t explicitly put out the intention that Reiki turns itself off when it’s not needed anymore, it still does.

Image by Sean MacEntee

In addition to this, we have our Reiki guides who look after us. Just like a parent would go turn out the light in their kid’s room, if they fell asleep with the light on, so would our guides “turn out the light” for us if we leave it on. This applies not only to falling asleep (although it’s probably the most common time when it happens), but also if we have to quickly  finish a session because something that demands our urgent attention happened, or simply if we forgot to turn it off ourselves.

Reiki can do no harm in any circumstance, and leaving it “on” is no exception ;).

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  • Lorraine April 27, 2013, 9:26 pm

    So in the same respect if you forget to draw the symbols the energy should start just by thinking about healing as our guides are helping?

  • Jacinta April 27, 2013, 9:46 pm

    Reiki is activated by intent – so yes, it’s my understanding and experience that Reiki flows to where it’s needed with or without the symbols. You can always call in your Reiki guides or angels if you feel it appropriate for yourself and ask them to disconnect you from the Reiki energy at the end of each session or if you are giving yourself Reiki at the end of a day ask them to make sure you are disconnected and fully protected while you sleep. A great article, thank you.

  • Aarti Govekar April 28, 2013, 3:45 am

    What one can also do is just clap once and break the connection and cover the person/situation or any other thing with golden white light

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