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Reiki and Smudging: Part II

The explanation of process of smudging is well described in the previous article (Part I). There are many forms for following smudging technique. At times, the herbs are tied in a bundle (called Smudge Stick) and dried. These herbs can be used for different purposes and there are various ways of treatment. In general, candles are used to lighten the herbal sticks. Lighters and matches are rarely used for this purpose. In different cultures, herbs are used indifferent ways. In some cultures, coal is heated and herbs are sprinkled on it to get an effect. It is ‘New Age’ Smudging technique.

The material used to hold the lit charcoal (receptacle) needs to be made up of fire-proof material to avoid any harm to your hands. There are specialized equipments designed for smudging process. Chalice can be used for the same and bottom of container is filled with insulating materials, such as salt, sand or soil. If you want to lighten the bundle, it is essential to hold the candle flame, till the smudge glows red in color. There will be a shell placed to catch hot ashes.

When burning a braid of smudge, you have to be careful about tamping it. If you are burning herbs, it is possible to tamp it out by a spoon or stick kind of material. The use of water to hurriedly exhaust the charcoal should not be done as it is regarded as disrespect for Fire Spirits.

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Idea behind Smudging Process

The concept behind burning herbs is to release positive energy and aroma. Excess smudge smoke can lead to problems in respiratory system of sensitive people. It is not necessary to fill your lungs with smoke and if you feel uncomfortable, it is rather recommended not to inhale too much of smoke. You should keep the room ventilated to maintain air circulation. When you are burning smudge, ask people in your surroundings, if they have any sort of allergic reactions with it. Pregnant females, asthma patients or people having respiratory ailments should avoid getting involved in smudging process.

Healing Tools

There are many herbs serving as healing tools for smudging. The smoke can bring towards your heart and you can inhale it though the head and other parts of the body. Herbs are burnt during prayers and healing process. It helps to connect to Spirit Assisters. During healing process, the smoke is directed over sick person or unhealthy atmosphere to get specialized attributes and bringing positive energy into atmosphere or person.

Herbs used for Smudging & their Effects

Herbs Purpose
Sweet Grass Protection and   Sanctification
Cedar, Juniper,   Cypress Connecting with   Spiritual Guides
California Bay   (umbelluaria californica) Protection against   flu and colds
Mint Uplifting and Cleansing
Resins (Gum Birch,   Frankincense, Myrrh, Pine) Connectivity to all   creation
Desert Sage   (Artemisia tridentate) Clarification of   negative and foreign energy
Mullein (verbascum   thapsus) Protection of new   endeavors, relationships or ventures
Pine, Fur, Spruce Cleansing and   Purification effects
Wild Tobacco   (nicotiana) Need of Sacred   Energy
Fennel (foeniculum   vulgare) Medication to repel   evil energy sources


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  • Roseanne Townsend September 14, 2014, 1:35 pm

    Where can you purchase all these different herbs for smudging ???

  • 'Anishnibi kwa November 19, 2014, 8:59 am

    Tabaco Sweet grass Ceader &Sage are gifts from Mother Earth
    You can also get them through trade at pow wows and specialty shop
    Smudging is good for removing negative vibes relaxing the mind body & spirit….
    Peace & L♡VE

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