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Relation between Chakras and Reiki

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’. Based on Yogi Philosophy, the Chakras are spiritual energy centers of body. According to the Eastern Indian Healing Practices, the Chakras exist in the esoteric double of man, which is the spiritual part of human being. Our spiritual essence mirrors our physical body.

Chakras are energy centers spinning like vortexes that radiate energy from a point corresponding to in the physical body. They comprised of layers that fan out in a shape of a heart. Chakras can both give and receive energy. Although there are virtually Chakras all over the body, there are seven main ones. These seven main chakras emit light energy and are believed to reside in our subtle or spiritual body. We can see pictures of Chakras represented by a wheel, which somewhat resembles a flower. Each one has a specific number of petals relevant to that Chakra.

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Seven Main Chakras are located in a line along the spinal column; each composed of high frequency strands consisting of energy. It is through Reiki that the Universal Life Force is channelized in and out of the subtle and physical body. Reiki energy travels through the Nadis (blood vessels in Sanskrit) with the help of Chakras. The energy channels for the Universal Energy also include the Ida and pingala nadis, which follow the same path that the autonomic nervous system does in the spinal cord.

The purpose of Reiki is to heal, purify and protect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body by balancing it and energizing it with Universal Energy. If a Chakra is damaged or blocked, it cannot channelize the Universal Energy properly. It is believed that blockage causes bodily imbalances and helps in contribution of things, such as diseases in either the physical, emotional, mental and or spiritual state of human being. There can be combinational diseases also occurring in various bodies.

Chakras in palms can channelize the Universal Energy to others through Reiki. In Reiki, the Universal Life force enters the people giving Reiki through the Crown and Heart Chakras and is directed out to the palms to treat the recipient of the Reiki. In Reiki, Chakras are the focal points to send and receive energy. The idea is to balance the energy in each Chakra through Reiki, such that the recipient can attain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balances. When Chakras are balanced, they emit vibrations and energy to give the recipient optimum health, in both the spiritual and physical way.

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