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Correlation between Aura & Reiki

Aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body. Our aura and body connects through energy centers called Chakras. Unless a person has psychic or highly tuned spiritual abilities, Aura appears invisible to the naked eye. In true words, aura is an electromagnetic force field that surrounds every living organism and object in this universe.

The Human Energy Field; aka HEF; aka aura; is a collection of electromagnetic energies. These energies vary in density both permeate and exit; and emanate outward and around the human body. These electromagnetic groups of energies together are suspended around the human body in an oval shaped orb. The orb, called an Aura, gives off color and grows naturally, as we evolve in spirituality and soul treatment.

Image by Baronbrian

7 Layers of Aura

Aura comprises of seven layers called ‘Auric bodies’. These Auric bodies correspond to seven main Chakras in our Subtle body (Subtle Body is our spiritual being which mirrors our psychical body). Similar to Chakras, the Speed and vibration resonates in these auric bodies. Each auric body has their own frequency. Chakras need balance to give us optimum health physically, mentally emotionally and spiritual and similar is the task of seven Auric layers.

Seven Auric Layers are:

1. The Physical Body

2. The Etheric Body

3. The Emotional or Vital Auric Body

4. The Mental or Astral Emotional Body

5. The Etheric Template body (Divine Will)/Lower Mental Auric Body

6. The Celestial or Higher Mental Auric Body

7. The Causal Body (Ketheric Template) or the Spiritual Intuitive Body

Aura Strengthening

When a person attains either a Reiki attunement (Ceremony) for treatment, their Aura extends out more than those who haven’t been attuned. This is because Reiki also strengthens the aura. There have been cases when a person had an aura with an extension of a few decimeters before the treatment, and after Reiki have an aura of 2 to 3 meters. When the aura is strengthened like this, the person also develops their intuition, consciousness and inner spiritual strength. It is the aura that is primarily focused on when a practitioner does distance healing which is a component of Reiki in Level 2 practice. Like the Chakras the Auric bodies also have corresponding colors and attributes specific for that auric body.

Many practitioners begin the Reiki sessions with an exercise to cleanse the aura, to enable the chakras to receive the Universal Healing Energy better. Otherwise, it’s more difficult for Reiki to reach the person.

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