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Reiki Symbols: History and Significance

In the practice of Reiki, sacred symbols are used in the transferring (giving and receiving) Universal Life Force Energy. The symbols in Reiki serve as a focal point in which the universal healing energy is channelized through symbols to the practitioner, in order for them to heal someone. The symbols enhance energy and increase its flow; as well as heal and protect a person.

In Traditional Reiki, symbols are derived from the ancient Sanskrit language. These symbols are also part of spiritual practices such as Buddhism and hence, these Symbols have a sacred nature. The Symbols are handed over from Reiki Master to Student, usually in the second level of practice. When a Reiki Student receives Attunement (ceremony of passing on the Universal healing and protective life force energy to the student from the master), the metaphysical properties of the symbol are implanted in the student. It enables them to channelize the life force energy themselves. When one either practices or gives a Reiki treatment, the symbols are energized and empowered; such that, people can fulfil their intended purposes through this treatment.

Reiki symbols serve like triggers to stimulate various responses physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality, within and around the person receiving Reiki treatment. It works like the reflex response system in the human body to stimuli. Just like the body responds to various things a certain way; the symbol invokes a response from the person receiving the symbol, whether through attunement or treatment. Reiki symbols are energized when you draw them.

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Symbols are Important in Reiki

Reiki energy wakes up with this process. The direction and strokes used in drawing the symbol also plays a role in the Reiki energy. It also goes for the order or sequence in which the symbols are used. They are not meant to be used randomly. There is a specific order, in with which, each symbol is drawn and activated.

Another factor about using the symbols is that it is premised that a person who has undergone an attunement can only release the power. Regardless of whether or not one is actually attuned, it is also said that anyone who is shown the writing will experience the symbol being implanted in his or her essence. It serves as a seed that the person will have an experience of enlightenment in their lifetime on this earth.  Different teachers, masters and schools may have variations on the ways of drawing and implementing symbol, but it does not change the effect of the Universal Life Force Energy that Reiki uses for giving healing and protection.

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