Q&A: What Is A Reiki Box?


The Reiki box technique is simplicity itself. Still, it’s very underrated and underused.

What is a Reiki box?

Traditionally, a Reiki Box is, quite literally, a box. In it you place pieces of paper on which you write or draw situations (or “requests”) that you want energy to be sent to. This way, you establish an “energetic signature” for that situation, that you or Reiki can later connect to.

Image by Rubber Dragon

Then, whenever you want, you just send Reiki to the box, intending that it goes to the situations identified by the pieces of paper in the box. This works very well, because the energy is guided by your intent. And when you added the requests, you intended that the healing you send to the box goes to them.

See some advantages of using a Reiki Box here, and some more Reiki Box tips here.

Using a physical box however is not really needed, because all that matters is your intent. You could also use a text file, a document, or a spreadsheet stored on your computer – and when sending Reiki intend that it goes to all the persons and situations mentioned in that file.

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And if you have a smartphone, you could also use our great little app called “My Reiki Box” – available for Android and iOS devices here.


    • To ‘send’ or do distance healing you must use the sacred symbols. Which a student doesnt learn those until level 2. But with level 1, you can certainly hold your reiki box & give it energy n the contents inside. This would be like saying a prayer or blessing for someone. Not sending them energy. this is how I was taught,

    • As a level 1 you haven’t had your 2nd attunement or been “given” the symbols necessary for distance reiki. However keep in mind that reiki is a remembered skill, not a learned skill. Therefore, while you haven’t been attuned (you can just think of this like tuning into a radio frequency) the skill is still there within you, it’s just “fuzzy”. So by all means practice! If you’re very in tune with your energy and very observant you may even notice the shift in the energy after you go through your level 2 training and receive your 2nd attunement. Enjoy!

  1. Thank you! Great idea, and I perfect box to use. It was a special gift, and now it will mean even more to me.

  2. Essa idéia da caixa Reiki me parece ótima. Tenho algumas dúvidas como: num primeiro momento devo colocar os pedidos na caixa, fechar e fazer o Reiki na caixa? É assim que se faz? Quando tiver outros pedidos posso adicionar esses ao que já estão lá? Obrigada e abçs.

    • Olá. Sim os pedidos são postos na caixa. Manda o Reiki com a intenção que vá para todos os pedidos/pessoas mencionadas dentro da caixa. Pode sempre adicionar mais. Não esquecendo de agradecer aos Senseis

    • I am sure it would be the same thing, you are still sending Reiki and your intention is what you have on your vision board you already own. Good luck!

    • Look-up Francisco Cândido Xavier (“Chico Xavier”), on YouTube. (Hope you Understand Either Br-Portuguese or Castellian Spanish. Most of these are Documentaries in Port, some do have either English Subtitles or are Dubbed). Either way, Xavier is one of the 2 or 3 most Celebrated Psychic Surgeons Ever. In Brasil, he’s considered almost tantamount to a “messiah” his Gifts were enormous. AND HE NEVER CHARGED, NEVER TURNED ANYONE AWAY; LIVED VERY, VERY MODESTLY. A True Role Model for Spiritual Seekers.

    • It doesn’t matter, so long as it matters to you! I chose a little box (nothing special or expensive) but I just liked it, I put it on my desk and I put in my affirmation, and send Reiki to it!
      After a while you don’t have to repeat your affirmation everytime, just send the highest level of Reiki to it as many times and as often as you like.
      Amber Moon Reiki & Crystal Healing Practice

  3. I like this idea. sometimes i forget to send out reiki to certain people. this is a good way to continually add names or situations.
    thanks 🙂

    • My teacher keeps a little notebook at each of our Reiki share meetups under the reiki table, filled with names we want to include and this way we all send them Reiki as we are working on everyone else. I also have a mini book i just started adding names too and keep inside my Reiki box.

  4. i have a beautiful REIKIBOX that i have decoratedmwith crystals peacock feathers symbols and pic i have only used this to send distant treatment and attunements i have a REIKI grid to send arround the clock energy to people and situations love them both what wonderful tools of LOVE

  5. hi i am still on the ist degree what is the best way to develop great powers with reiki ? how long should each session be in the daily routine? i have extreme throat problems accompained by breathing difficulties any way to get out of it ?

    • Find a local or nearby ReikiShare Group (preferably weekly or by-weekly meetings). Stick w/ it, even through your first few Insecure, unsure you do belong there weeks or months. Sooner or later, that Discomfort Disappears, you’ll begin Feeling as Competent as anyone else. Keep w/ your Coursework, yet not rushedly; Reiki Itself’ll let you Know when You’re Ready for your Next Level. Silently, quietly, Practice Your Reiki, in ANY Circumstances You find Yourself In–Trust Me: Few Realize the Power for Good Reiki truly Is. Write me, ask me about a Flight 5-1/2 hrs late, why & How it Did Get at our Destination in one piece; and I’ll tell you. (I’ve never Written about it because it sounds just too unbelievable, for our little 3D minds). I’m Gaea’s Midwife, and a Gendai Reiki Level IV Shipeden (Sage). My Reiki Mentor now, wants me to study Kriya Yoga…! I’ve begun!

      ???????? Namastè????

  6. I have four intentions in my reiki box. How many minutes of reiki should I give the box everyday and is it absolutely required to rewrite the list every week as my intentions are slightly long term… and yours articles are very useful. Thanks 🙂

    • There is no need to rewrite the list.. anything over 3 minutes is ideal.. fr better results kp your reikibox in the northwest or north north west corner of your house.

  7. I want to thank you for all the great tips and cases you send out. And now you have a beautiful Reiki Box app.Thank you so much, it feels like a great gift. Love and light!

  8. I have just installed the app now so I’m looking forward to trying this out thank u for give me the opportunity to down load this

  9. Hi,
    I love my reiki box app:) but since you added the date feature, I am having a problem editing the description. Cannot see the text when typing. I use an iPhone 4S.

  10. This app is very helpful now all my requests r now handy to me . Moreover the news which I used to get were helpful but after updating it has been stopped. I used to wait for the news . I will be very grateful if it starts again.

  11. I love all the information I have received from you today, sometimes we are alone in our beliefs of the power of reiki healing and it’s been uplifting for me to share your wonderful thoughts and literature, thank you so much,

  12. Thank you so much for the previous question can i please get for another one….. how to romove blocakge from other healers for me and my positive energy is lesser than the other healer then they try to block to reach their level how to avoid them from blocking me

  13. I want to know that in case of reiki box app, do I need to send energy daily? Or writing a wish is all that is enough? I hav only 1st level reiki. Please help nd guide me for this. Nd in how much time does the wish menifest? Pls guide. Thanks.

  14. I just downloaded the Reiki Box app and began adding, not only, healings but goals of mine. I am very excited to begin sending Reiki to my box. Thank you and God Bless

    • When you’re sending Reiki healing to your babies, so it will the intent that they grow up healthy, strong, happy, etc. Whatever you want for your babies, you can send those intents through the power of Reiki.

  15. Great idea for an app. Many times I’m not at my computer to access my healing list and this is a great way to take the list with me. Also, instead of writing down a request on paper to add to my list is eliminated by adding directly to the app.

  16. Just found out that we can input into this new “Spaces” by Google as our very own ORB, Online Reiki Box. Please feel free and welcome to experiment it out.
    It is unintrusive, no following or followers and you can opt out or Join back any time you wish to participate!

  17. I havent actually understood this concept who is going to heal the contents in the Reiki box……and also
    I had taken Level1 attuement from someone….no instructions given for pratice even symbol was given I have no idea what to do how to use it or build my Reiki energy
    I am slowly losing interest its seems no use 🙁

    Can anyone guide me and help me plz

  18. With reiki i had amazing experiences. After my attunement 1 i slipped in domain of timeless dimension where one experiences non duality.Since then there is no looking back. Since we are all creaters, i personally suggest that for best results with a reiki box , place intentions with date . Place smaller goals with time period of 21 days ahead and bigger ones for 63 days. With love and blessings Simmi.

  19. Thank you for such an easy way to contact a large fraternity.
    I would like to be informed any future developments.
    I m a level 3 practicioner in Pakistan.

  20. I would like to know can it be used for reiki list clients? Also, if the answer is positive, I would like to know how to draw separate draw symbols,because not anyone needs symbol 2. Is it possible that in adding exist symbol that we can simply add for situations? Thank you.

  21. Hi.. I’m new to reiki I would like to try the reiki box but how would I say the intentions for different situations…. thank you

  22. I m a level 2 reiki practitioner since 6-7 years.only 2 days back I downloaded reiki box app.in my smartphone.i have few reiki requests also.but how do I give reiki to them? How frequently?

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