Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #6: Which Way Is the Cho Ku Rei Symbol Drawn?


Cho Ku Rei symbol

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Question by Kerry

Which way is Cho Ku Rei symbol drawn, circling to the right or to the left?

Answer by Rinku Patel

Hi Kerry,

There is no right or wrong way to draw Cho Ku Rei. You can draw either left side or right side. Both will work equally good.


  1. Whichever way that you were taught by your Master is the correct way for you.I think in certain circumstances,if drawn clock-wise will increase the level of Reiki,and anti-clockwise will decrease the level to whatever area it is used on or situation it is being used for.

  2. Well whichever way taught by your master… so far as I know our chakras are moving clockwise and thus cho ko rei should be drawn anti clockwise… we give spirals at the end of front reiki anti clockwise also. In reiki everything v do is anti clockwise

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