Q&A: Does Reiki Still Flow When We Have Our Eyes Open?


We got this question from one of our readers recently:

Does Reiki still flow when we have our eyes open?

The short answer is: Of course it does!

Image by pfly

The longer answer is that Reiki is guided by intent, and it flows regardless of our physical position. Of course, certain body or hand positions have a positive impact on the flow of energy, but it is definitely not required to adhere to these.

Some practitioners “stare” to send energy through their eyes and/or the third eye when they are, e.g., behind closed doors in a hospital. What matters most is our intent, and we can intend to send energy while eating, taking a walk in the park, talking on the phone, taking a shower, or doing pretty much anything, our eyes open or not.


  1. I see different colours when I practice Reiki.When I was being attuned, I saw purple most of the time. Off late I see rays of rainbow colours flowing through and around. Sometimes just plain golden light flashes. Is this normal or in any connection to Reiki?

    • I also see colors… The pattern usually is an indicator of the connection itself… But I often see green and purple as well 🙂

  2. When I first began Reiki, I saw the colors of chakras. After my second attunement, I began to see all kinds of things. Animals, objects of any kind, loved ones who have past, words and mini like movies come to my mind. These things only happen when my eyes are close. Do others out there experience such things?

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