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Chakra Test: Is Your Solar Plexus Chakra Balanced?

The solar plexus chakra, also called sometimes the chakra of personal power, plays a very important role in life, and when it’s out of balance, you’ll have a hard time fulfilling your needs. You can tell if yours is balanced or or not by paying attention to how you feel and act.

The balanced state

When the solar plexus chakra is balanced, you have a generally good mood, and feel respect for yourself and others. You have confidence in yourself, you’re outgoing, and have the courage to admit problems and to act to solve them. You don’t lose your temper easily – you’re calm and think intelligently, with a “problem solving” attitude.

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Overactive solar plexus chakra

If your solar plexus chakra has too much energy, you tend to be judgmental and quite “stiff”. You get easily excited about new projects but seldom act to see them through. You’re stubborn, critical, and deaf to other people’s advice, even to the point where you don’t even hear what they’re saying anymore, or don’t care. Y0u “know best” and even bully people around if they don’t “do what’s right”.

Weak solar plexus chakra

Depression and low self esteem are clear signs of a weak solar plexus chakra. Also, easily getting your feelings hurt, being apathetic and always procrastinating. Feeling “taken advantage of”, trapped, not knowing what to do. As far as physiological symptoms are concerned, a poor digestion is often a sign of weakness in this chakra.

To find out how to bring balance back, see this article.

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