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Remote Reiki Attunements

What is an Attunement?

For practicing any form of Reiki, it is essential to go through a process of attunement.  In most common cases, an attunement can take place in 15 to 30 minutes. To practice some forms of Reiki, like Rainbow Reiki, a person may need to go through a series of attunements. There are two methods to get attuned to particular form of Reiki, one is “hands on” and other is Remote or distance attunement.

With hands on attunement, it is must for both receiver and sender to be at same place, while for remote attunement, there is no such condition. The process of remote Reiki attunements can be achieved if both the sender and receiver have intent for sending and receiving particular Reiki attunement.

Do Remote Reiki Attunements Work?

They are as effective as hands on Reiki attunements. Remote Reiki attunement is an effective way to awaken self healing energies within people that enable them to use Reiki for healing purposes. Remote attunements are considered as more practical than hands on attunements as these are more convenient for both, receiver and sender. At receiving end, all a person needs to do is to allocate 15 to 30 minutes to sit alone and concentrate on intention of receiving Reiki attunement.

The method or science of remote attunement is simple. A Reiki Master focuses energy and sends it towards the receiver into the universe, where it stays with the person’s “guide” until he intends to receive the attunement.

Reiki Masters can even use Remote Reiki attunements on a group of people, saving time and making attunements more effective. Remote attunements allow Reiki masters to attune people anywhere in the world at any time. This is a great way to create a link between healing around the world.

At Receiving End:

So what should a person who is receiving remote attunements need to do? In most cases, having an intention of receiving attunement is enough but many Reiki Masters believe that allocating 15 to 30 minutes for meditation is good for better results.

Find a place where you can concentrate easily. A room with closed doors is a good option to go with. Sit alone for 15 to 30 minutes in the room with a glass of water and meditate into the state you want to achieve through Reiki attunement. Once you are done with the mediation, stand up slowly, rub your hand on your body and drink a glass of water.

You may need to rest for some time or need to drink lot of water. You may need to go to bathroom or feel tiredness after Reiki attunement. It is also common to have problem with digestive systems after any type of Reiki attunements as toxins are flowing out of the body. Read mode about the Reiki detox.

There are many online websites supervised by Reiki maters that offer visitors different remote attunements for different forms of Reiki, sometimes even for free.

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