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Balance the Solar Plexus Chakra Using Crystals and Reiki

Here is a simple way to balance your solar plexus chakra using crystals and Reiki.

Step 1. Use a yellow crystal, such as citrine, tiger’s eye, or golden topaz.

Step 2. Charge it by directing golden, healing energy to it. Lots of energy. Imagine the calming energy imbuing the crystal.

Step 3. When your intuition tells you that the crystal is ready, place it on your solar plexus.

Step 4. Relax, bring in the feelings of peace, and send Reiki to the solar plexus, intending that it heals and balances the chakra. The crystal will enhance the process and pick up the negative energy from the area.


Image by Giåm

Step 5. Use the symbols if you sense they are needed, otherwise just keep sending energy.

Step 6. End the session when you feel your solar plexus is balanced, or when intuition guides you to.

Thank Reiki, and remember to ground yourself and clear your crystals before and after the session.

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