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Healing the Scars of Verbal Abuse with Reiki and the Angels

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

Abuse can be of a physical, verbal, emotional or sexual nature. This article is specifically about verbal abuse. Verbal abuse often overlaps with emotional abuse. It is fairly common and is often dismissed as anger. However, there is a thin line of difference between plain anger and anger induced verbal abuse. It can be hard to pinpoint where anger ends and abuse begins. An abusive person is someone who has gone through intense pain and trauma and unconsciously inflicts the same on others. The person may be very nice most of the time. But when he is triggered, he turns into a venomous snake that bites you in the places that hurt most and poisons your body and mind.

Recall a memory when someone used manipulative tactics to intimidate you, accused you unjustly, insulted you, called you names, threatened you into submission or something similar. You were probably shocked by all the nonsense that was being said to you, but felt powerless because you could not get the other person to be fair in war.

Many of us have had such experiences in different relationships, though it is more likely to occur in close relationships such as parent-child, husband-wife etc. At times, we may be the ones being abusive and inflicting pain on others with our words. We have to accept our own shadow as well.

Reiki and the Angels can help us whenever we find ourselves being abusive or abused.

If you find yourself being verbally abused by someone:

  1. First of all, be assertive. Tell the person firmly but respectfully that you will not tolerate behaviour that is unfair and abusive. If the person is so absorbed in his own pain that he does not understand, just leave the place and take some time off.
  2. If you feel hurt by all that was said to you, there is no need to pretend that you are very strong. Go into a private space and cry your heart out. And this is not just for women. Men have emotions too and it is OK for them to cry. Get the pain out. You will feel a lot better.
  3. Draw or visualise a big Sei Hei Ki (and Master Symbol for 3rd Degree Practitioners) between you and the other person and request Reiki to heal the situation.
  4. Talk to the Angels about your pain or write a letter to them. Ask them to soothe your pain and also help the other person see light. Learn to do Angel Card Readings. Card Readings are like a private consultation with the Angelic realm and they are extremely useful in guiding us and our loved ones through turmoil. Follow the guidance you receive and just let go of the situation.
  5. Wait and witness the healing that occurs spontaneously. Not only will the situation be healed in time, but you will also learn some lessons that will help you grow stronger.

Image by h.koppdelaney

If you are the one that has hurt someone with verbal abuse and you happen to regret it later, here’s what can help you heal:

  1. Know that feeling regret is a positive sign. It means your heart is soft enough to know that it did not act from love (which is the essence of who you are). But it is never too late to express love to someone you have hurt. Put your Ego aside and render a heartfelt apology to the person. Hug the person, look him/her in the eye and say how sorry you are.
  2. If the person is still hurt and you live with the person, communicate directly with the person’s soul when he/ she is fast asleep. Express your feelings and apologise for the hurt caused. Tell the soul that all the rough words you used were the result of your own pain and had nothing to do with him/her. If you do not live with the person, you can still communicate with the soul over a distance. The soul will receive your message and healing will occur.
  3. Draw or visualise a big Sei Hei Ki (and Master Symbol for 3rd Degree Practitioners) between you and the other person and request Reiki to heal the situation.
  4. If you feel ashamed or guilty about what you did, consult with the Angels again. They will help you remember your true nature of love and innocence. They will soothe your worries and help you let go of all guilt and shame.
  5. Have compassion for your own self. You have also gone through pain, which is why you reacted the way you did. This does not mean that you continue to be that way. It just means that you learn from your pain and take time to heal your own wounds.

It may take several attempts before a complete healing happens. Do not give up. And please take all the help you need from Reiki and the Angels. You do not have to suffer alone. With so much of love and guidance available to us, we never need feel alone or helpless. We are loved beyond measure and taken care of. All we need is a heartfelt willingness to heal.

Note: At times, it is impossible to heal other people no matter what you do because they have chosen their own lessons and they cannot heal until they choose to. In such cases, please do not waste your precious time hanging on to an abusive relationship. Please seek professional help and determine the best course of action for you and your relationship.

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Haripriya Suraj
Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya Suraj is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer and Starseed Lightworker. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. She is deeply connected with the Stars and Angels and they form an integral part of her Reiki practice. Her core mission is to help bridge the worlds of Spirit and Science and to help Lightworkers connect with their unique soul missions. Haripriya offers Personalised Starseed Transmissions, apart from workshops in Reiki and Angel Healing. She resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at lightworkersonearth.com, empoweredmedicine-hospitaldiaries.com on email at angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com and on Facebook at Angel Light.

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  • LisaFM January 26, 2015, 4:55 pm

    This article only describes of 3 abuses when actually I’ve come to realize there are 5 and in no particular order they are: Emotional, Mental, Verbal, Sexual, & Physical and Verbal is the hardest one to heal from, People actually verbally abuse everyone and don’t even realize it and I can’t help wonder why this isn’t being taught in Social Work, Sociology, Mental health, etc.
    I often hear “It’s not what you say, but HOW you say it” This is a bold flat LIE. It IS what you say, Let’s use ‘name calling” for a perfect example; Can calling someone “sl&t”, “sweetie”, “baby”, “stupid”, etc. what YOU say is okay make it alright, NO it is NOT!! it is ALL “Name Calling” which IS Verbal Abuse, so we must be aggressive in correcting this in order to stop succumbing to this type of abuse as well, it is not ever okay to accept ‘name calling’ just because “baby” SOUNDS better than “stupid” just make it okay.
    3 John 1:14 states in KJV: But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. “Greet the friends by name”.
    —-Yes by “NAME” not by anything else folks, if it’s in our scriptures, it IS so

  • muzna April 7, 2015, 9:05 am

    We find many write ups dealing with abuse, but how to come out of it and guilt/shame, if you were the perpetrator…really a nice one.
    As parents we generally tend to take our children for granted and even if love and approve of them we tend to keep a control on them. And if the child is aggresive, the parent will use some sort of verbal abuse, even if while comparing the child with another or with self. article for situations when we have to deal with situations which turn up though not to our liking. I’m sure this will help many such people.

  • Sue June 19, 2018, 2:18 am

    Is there a way I can reiki my verbally/emotionally abusive husband?

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