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Unwinding Universal Messages - Angel Numbers for You

Angel numbers are messages that the universe sends us in times of need. Humans are living in 3D lives. Three directions we are typically aware of in our reality are past, present and future. However, this limitation exists in our mind and physical reality, this vast universe has infinite possibilities and realities. Due to our […] Read more

Everything You Need to Know about the Angels

The presence of the Angels on Earth is getting stronger in the current time period. I experienced a spontaneous connection with the angelic realm soon after I completed my Reiki Master Degree in the year 2013. The Angels integrated their energy into my Reiki practice very naturally. Since then, I have been very passionate about […] Read more

Top 5 Angels to Call Upon for Healing Relationships

Nowadays relationships are so fragile and people are becoming intolerant towards dealing and managing these in the new age. It’s sometimes very tempting to “Blame it all on Rio” but sometimes it is worth introspecting and if we are stuck we can always seek divine help by calling upon angelic realm/Guardian angels who can walk […] Read more

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The Angels and the Zodiac

The angels and the zodiac

The angels, as well as the zodiac signs, are closely related to the planet. They are the ones who are in charge of regulating the transit of the stars, following the orders sent by God. There is one angel for each zodiac sign and also one contrary angel, the first one will help our virtues […] Read more

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