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Understanding the Concept of Physical Earth-ship

Our physical body often reveals the emotions hidden by mind. The representation of physical body represents first and second dimension of the body, which consists of our physical structure and the attributes making a body (cells, genes, minerals and other things). The first and second dimensions have comparatively lower vibration than the third one and hence, it is included as our unconscious realism.

First and second dimensions are primitive and the door represents Lower Astral sub-plane of 4th dimension. No one is aware of the first and second dimension and hence, there is no clarity about the implication of our actions. If you are unaware of the impact you leave on others, you will act in self-centered ways. By becoming concerned about the messages sent from the physical body, physical earth-ship can prepare you for getting true vibrations. It involves making acknowledge and release of old darkness stored within your bodies, since you were born.

Physical Earth-Ship

After crossing the journey through deep unconscious state (dark state), you can return into light. It is a process of becoming friends with our SELF and getting light from dark stages. This process begins with communication and better communication can be initiated with correct listening. Listening here refers mainly to listen to the feelings and thoughts in the conscious minds.

How to listen to our SELF?

In reality, we don’t listen to our thoughts and feelings. Our physical bodies can assist us, but the repressed emotions are strangers for us. Physical body is earth-ship and includes our soul in it. In fact, all elements of the Mother Earth make physical earth-ship. Body controls are connected through body’s nervous system. There are visits made to 3rd and 4th dimension of earth. The storage of events is located in first and second dimension elements of the body. The part accessing the information is included in fourth dimension astral bodies. The conscious communication with astral body can help in downloading information to physical brains (third dimension).

On returning from Home to Source, there has to be an access obtained to get an interface between physical body, ego and the soul. On completion of the interface, the Soul can interact with brain. To get successful in the journey, Soul has to interact with earth-vessel. For successful journey, the Soul imbeds and integrates with physical earth-ship. Soul is multidimensional and it can access all the messages in 1st, 2nd and 4th unconsciousness dimensions. The Soul can download information to conscious state (3rd dimension).

Surrender Egos

You will have to surrender all the soul controls as the limited 3rd dimensional consciousness is incapable of perception of the messages required to complete the journey. Fifth dimension is meant for polarity, separation and limitation and the way to direct to this stage is by allowing the Soul to enter and dominate the body. The way to return ego is ‘Death’. Death is a form of separation, similar to birth. When we take birth, Soul permits its segment to go through the frequency filters, which hold galaxy in third dimension. The frequency filtering allows 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimension molecules. Fourth dimension makes interfacing with fifth dimension through the Soul and interfaces with third dimension through etheric body.

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