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Know about the Earth Chakras

Earth is similar to a living being with its own sphere. Nature has a combination of innovation and design. Earth only has matrix of life amongst all planets of solar system. Human beings and other living things survive on Earth due to its ability to give survival instincts to Earth Chakras. Some people on Earth fear death and others might fear life. It is all about the stability issues and conditions of survival of human beings on Earth.

Trust is the requirement for communication. You can probably get art of listening to Earth, if it entrusts you. The art of listening to the Earth becomes viable for the people having interconnection with it. Earth has no bound secrets and is not afraid of anyone. You can’t understand Earth Chakras without developing your trust on them. When there is development of mutual trust between you and Earth, the obstacles in your life are removed. You will understand the purpose of your life and your birth on the Earth.

Communication by the Earth

Earth communicates information to other species through channels termed as Chakras. Energy is required for transmission of information and Earth Chakras are bases for originating the encoded information.

There are different studies with regard to the Earth and its surroundings. Earth Chakras can explore more energy structures of the Earth and is the holistic study of subtle energy. Geography can tell us about the continents, mountains, oceans, water bodies of the world, but it has no linkage with energy linked with living or non-living things on the Earth.


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What are the Earth Chakras?

Earth Chakras are bodily organs, which have impact on the world health. All living beings are dependent on the environments surrounded by the world. There are different functions of every chakra:

  • Reception and transmission of energy encoded with information
  • Maintaining overall global health

Earth Chakra is located at every place on the Earth: on each continent; except Antarctica. There is a sacred center for every chakra and it expands in a circular mode with its radius extending for hundreds of miles. The approximate radius for an Earth Chakra is 777 miles. Chakras are like living organs, which can contract and expand; with conditions affecting them.

It is interesting to know that Earth Chakras have their own defined height and depth. The shape of a chakra is like a sphere having a maximized circumference of the surface of Earth. This shape remains almost spherical while traveling through Earth’s surface, water bodies or air. The flavor of human culture and trust on these chakras is the base of its vicinity.

Earth Chakras have subtle energies enclosed in them. These forces can spin in a spherical orbit in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The power and energy in these Earth Chakras are directed in a straight line path, called song lines, ley lines or dragon path. This path is similar to human nervous or circulatory system.

Earth is not isolated from rest of solar system elements. Sun and Moon, along with the movements of the planet also play an important role for Earth. The impact of movements of Sun, Moon and other planets have effect on the Earth Chakras. Each Chakra has to move with its own place and timing.

Four Elements of Earth Chakras

Earth Chakras have four elements associated with it: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. All the Earth Chakras have the horizontal dimensions in conjunction with surface of the Earth. They have direct association with air, water and warmth of sun. These are direct and don’t have submarine Chakras involved.

Heart Chakra is another form having vitality, openness and will. Every chakra has its inimitable contribution towards health and destiny. The definition and location of the Earth Chakras will involve the continuous interaction to involve a better life quality on the planet. Earth Chakras never act independently to others, but are inter-dependent on one another.

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  • Marta Cruz Olle February 8, 2013, 2:20 am

    Is it possible to know the location of Earth chakras?

    • Reiki Rays February 8, 2013, 12:39 pm

      We will publish an article about this in a few days (or weeks at most). Stay tuned 🙂

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