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What is Receiving?

What is Receiving?

We all have heard of Ask – Believe – Receive. We would want to start receiving but we don’t know what it means to receive. Is receiving make you feel guilty? Well, contrary to what we have been taught, receiving is an amazing place to be. Receiving is the energy of manifestation. Receive more to […] Read more

Weight Watch with Reiki During Festive Season

From October 10 festive season begins in India with Navratri followed by Dussehra and then Diwali in November. It is the time when people dress well, look good and also eat really good rich food. Then those jalebis consumed during dussehra and gujhiyas, ladoos and other sweetmeats show up on your waistline. Such festive times […] Read more

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Mindful Eating with Reiki

Mindful Eating with Reiki

Mindfulness is the act of becoming aware of yourself, your mind, body, and your surroundings. Mindfulness is a way to ground yourself in the reality of now, to calm yourself, and not lose the moment in the hurry of doing. It just takes a few moments and a simple exercise, using your five senses, can […] Read more


Reiki to the Rescue

Reiki To The Rescue

So you have just learned Reiki and have learned about the main basic symbols. You have used them in Reiki sessions but did you know they can be used in so many more ways? Reiki always has your back and can improve any situation. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to send […] Read more


How I Lost Weight through Reiki

How I lost weight Through Reiki

Having obesity or being overweight is quite a growing struggle in today’s time. The hectic schedule and the random eating hours do far more damage to our body than we think. Our tight schedule hardly leaves us with any time to work on ourselves. If you are keen on losing weight and would like some […] Read more