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What is Receiving?

Article by Ashwini Chubé

We all have heard of Ask – Believe – Receive. We would want to start receiving but we don’t know what it means to receive.

Is receiving make you feel guilty? Well, contrary to what we have been taught, receiving is an amazing place to be. Receiving is the energy of manifestation. Receive more to get your life back on track.

So what it means to receive? Most of my friends who are ‘good people’ are having problems receiving. So you are working hard, being kind and meditating, praying to heal but still, your desire doesn’t show up? You feel life is so unfair and you go back in the negative spiral?

So what is it to be receiving?

Receiving could be in form of Money and Abundance, Sex and Orgasms, Manifestation or seeing your dreams coming true in the real world. In short, the 3 bottom chakras of Root Sacral and Solar Plexus are open, balanced and active.

In 2018, amidst life chaos, I met 4 amazing coaches and all 4 spoke to me about the same thing. “You need to open up to receiving.” I was clueless about what it meant. For me, receiving was just a word in the dictionary. I really had no clue what it meant.

One day while getting my Access bars®️, run it dawned on me that last 10-15 years I had forgotten what it is to receive. I had become a crazy people pleaser, giver and was proud of giving much much more than receiving. Being a healer, nurturer, and giver was too much. People just told me I was very kind but my life was feeling empty from inside as I cared for others much more than I received. Most people were stepping over, dancing over my boundaries. People mercilessly borrowed stuff from me, including my clothes, dropped in at my house to kill their time or organized socials where I went compulsory. Just because I was not ready to say NO. Saying NO was so difficult for me that I’d rather die than being a bad girl. I couldn’t assert myself and was afraid of losing people. I was so kind to the world outside putting most of my friends on a pedestal and doing so much for them and receiving hardly 1% in return. I was horrible to myself. I treated others like kings and queens and myself like a pauper.

What is Receiving?

My first exercise was learning to say No and to stop feeling guilty about it. I haven’t yet excelled but I am on my way to doing so.

Most people who have issues losing weight around waist areas are horrible at receiving. They give excessively. So much that they’ll go energetically bankrupt because they are pouring from an empty cup. In spite of a lot of working out and diets, they are not able to lose weight simply because they are not receiving. Stomach fat is all about putting layers on your Solar Plexus chakra. I had a lot of stomach fat till 2018 which considerably started falling after I opened up to receive in 2018. My fat % fell down as in addition to diet and exercise I started dropping all my self-hatred and started receiving.

Last entire year was a year where I started a lot of shadow work and inner work. A lot of my work will be carved out in my upcoming book which is untitled as of yet. Meanwhile, I’d love to share some insights on my journey.

Different ways of Receiving:

  • Self-care: Spend time in getting massages, going for tub baths, receiving Reiki, energy treatments. Exercise regularly and eat clean. A healthy body is a conduit for a healthy mind and that opens up to receive.
  • Receiving gifts: This is receiving both money and non-money gifts, discounts, set off’s or even any vouchers coupons. When you receive services free or even complimentary gifts and passes it is receiving.
  • Receiving compliments: This means to receive compliments and simply say “Thank you!” without justifying. Eg: When someone says you look good, we tend to say, “Oh, a new dress. That’s why!” or “Oh, no, no… I’m just looking ok!”. How about saying “Thank you!” and feeling you deserve it.
  • Receiving help: We are sometimes so proudly independent that we would rather not receive help. This applies to women mostly who are told: you need to be independent. Sure it’s great to know everything but if someone offers to help you, please say Yes. Receiving also deals with getting work done from others, allowing people to help you with lifting weight, delegating work and all of it.

    What is Receiving?

    Image by sasint

  • Not feeling guilt or shame to get more than give: It happens many times we give things to someone and they give us a better, bigger gift. We feel guilty then and feel bad or shameful to receive bigger than giving. Do not do it. The universe is saying, “You deserve more than you receive!”
  • Body posture: Sit back and lean back which means you are physically showing the Universe you’re ready to receive. When you sit with your back leaning backward, you are receiving from the Universe. When you lean forward you are giving more than receiving. Give your posture a continuous check.
  • Stay in the present moment: Stay happy wherever you are. Take time to appreciate small things. Draw, paint, write, cook, whatever makes you happy. When you are happy, you tell the Universe that you are ready to receive.
  • Healthy boundaries: An important constituent of receiving is being able to draw healthy boundaries. Say No when you want to say No. Don’t say Yes. Don’t be fooled by guilt and shame. Don’t take unnecessary blame. Stop playing the victim. Just stand up for yourself and stop rescuing others.
  • Stop chasing people to stay in your life: The ones who matter will never leave, the ones who leave really don’t matter. Don’t beg people to stay in your life. Wish them well and let them go. You’ll create more space for the ones who’ll really matter.
  • Sleep, rest, and travel: When you sleep and rest, you are appreciating the present moment. Travel takes you to a different time, space, dimensions. So travel, rest, and sleep to receive more.
  • Finally, be grateful: Gratitude is the quickest way to receive blessings of the universe. The more you are grateful, the better you receive.
  • Get your Bars Run: If nothing makes sense and you feel stuck, get your bars run to open receiving. Access Bars®️ is an energetic body process involving gentle touching of 32 points on your head. These points (aka The Bars) store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, stress and locked up energy in your mind and body.

Reiki exercise to Receiving:

  • Draw all 4 symbols on Root chakra and affirm – I am open to receive money and abundance!
  • Draw all 4 symbols on Sacral chakra and affirm – I am open to receive healthy sex!
  • Draw all 4 symbols on Solar Plexus chakra and affirm – I am open to receive manifestation!
  • Chanel Reiki for 20 mins. Ask the energy to remove blockages if any.
  • You may additionally call Master St. Germain with his violet flame to burn any blockages.
  • Drink enough water after the session.
  • Do this for at least 21 days for results.

Thank you and love to all my readers.

PS: Special thanks to Sunetra Dasgupta for asking me to write and share something on receiving. Sunetra, this is dedicated to you.

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Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube is a Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation Trainer, Wellness coach, Spiritual Teacher, Access Consciousnesses Bars Facilitator & Reiki Grandmaster. Ashwini is also a Writer, an avid blogger and is currently working on her 2 upcoming self help and spiritual books.
She has founded the company Unicorn Insight with a vision to create a world where the world runs on consciousness, joy abundance and love instead of fear, lack and scarcity. Ashwini's mission is to empower individuals to know who they truly and authentically are and help them tap in their power. Unicorn Insight has been instrumental in transformations of lives - whether it is through individual one on one coachings, group workshops, corporate trainings or motivational talks.
Ashwini is a former Investment banker and holds an MBA in finance having worked in Corporate world of Banking and Mergers and Acquisitions with Banks like Morgan Stanley and RBS for 8 years in Mumbai and London before she pursued her calling in 2015.
Get in touch with Ashwini through her Website: www.unicorninsight.com or at unicorninsight@gmail.com. Her Facebook page is: facebook.com/ashwinichubeofficial

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  • sreekanth k.g February 17, 2019, 11:41 am

    Very helpful at my present situation. thank you.

  • Preethi Yogeesh February 18, 2019, 12:49 pm

    Hello mam…
    Very informaive ..thanks for sharing…
    Not aware that reason of fat around tummy could be because of failing in receiving…

  • Betsy May 16, 2019, 11:14 am

    Thank you very much for writing about receiving. I am total giver and never open to receive. You gave so much information and I am going to start my journey. Blessings, B

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