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reiki music

Get spiritually relaxed with Reiki Music

Music, in general, is a stress reliever. You forget about your worries and feel relaxed with melodious music tones. Reiki music has an amazing impact on the body and mind. Reiki Practitioners use Reiki music in their practice to get the best outcome for their clients. Reiki music was not recognized for a long time. […] Read more


Sometimes Reiki music is used to increase the effects of the treatment. It is mostly used to keep a person calm and relaxed. What is Reiki Music? It is a type of music commonly used in Reiki treatments, but can also used with other self healing techniques, Yoga, and meditation. As this music can help […] Read more


Reiki Music

Reiki is a spiritual way of healing the body and soul by channelizing life force energy. You need to get trained through a Reiki Master to get proficient in this art. It was discovered many centuries ago, but its rediscovery was in early phases of 20th century. Reiki Music is a term used for relaxing […] Read more


Reiki music is a personal experience for the practitioner and the client. It creates a world where you and the client can just relax and “be”!  Reiki music depends on individual’s liking, but in general you’d want something soothing and melodic for the people undergoing a therapy, while they are in session with you. Reiki […] Read more

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