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Reiki Music

Reiki is a spiritual way of healing the body and soul by channelizing life force energy. You need to get trained through a Reiki Master to get proficient in this art. It was discovered many centuries ago, but its rediscovery was in early phases of 20th century. Reiki Music is a term used for relaxing and comforting music played at a place to promote healing.

Reiki Music can turn a person on and make them feel peaceful and calm. There are many versions available in the market and you can find out several retailers and online stores selling them at different levels. Gentle tunes will take out the stress from your life.

Is it really necessary to use Reiki Music during a healing session?

It is not necessary to use it during mediation or relaxation purposes, but if it highly appeals you and makes you comfortable, of course it’s preferable to use it :). The recordings last for a few minutes to an hour. A regular session with or without music can make you feel different by inducing sensations in your whole body.

You can listen to various sessions and decide the one appealing your heart. You can feel relaxation in your head, eyes and whole body. Deep breathing while listening to Reiki music can be helpful in comforting your soul. You can make energy flow towards your body and let it go along your whole body. This movement can be felt at different parts of body and recharge you while you complete your session.

Sudies have revealed that Reiki can enable a patient to recover faster with medicine or post surgical procedure. This is why many healthcare centers have hired practitioners to speed up the recovery process.

Reiki can be practiced by anyone and if you do it with music, it will bring a better relaxation for you.

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