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Reiki Music – The Music of the Spheres!

Reiki music is a personal experience for the practitioner and the client. It creates a world where you and the client can just relax and “be”!  Reiki music depends on individual’s liking, but in general you’d want something soothing and melodic for the people undergoing a therapy, while they are in session with you.

Reiki music has actually been around for centuries, it was just not really recognized as Reiki music.  In fact, it was considered to be background music of a relaxing nature. Many of the CD’s you can get these days for reiki music is intrinsically tied to nature, in some or the other way. It makes a sense though, doesn’t it? Reiki is a gift from nature, or rather the Spirit of Universal Life, that is dynamically a facet of all our lives on earth. Reiki and reiki music when teamed together can make a pleasant experience one of pure serenity.

Reiki music is the ideal accompaniment to a reiki session, which can range from 30-45 minutes, depending on how long a session your client requested. Clients can come to you with specific requests or body areas to be worked on or they can simply request a full body reiki treatment. When they are asking for a full body treatment, this is the best time to select some reiki music that suits the mood you want to strike for your session.

If you happen to search the Internet for music, one of the first things you will notice is that there is LOTS of it. However, quite a bit of it is relaxation music only.  There is nothing wrong with that, but you may wish to search a bit further and find music specifically recorded for the Reiki practitioner.  Most of the ones designed for the practitioner have strong links to Mother Nature and, some even have a gentle chime included at certain time intervals so you know when to change your hand positions.

If you prefer music, you can also find many CD’s on the Internet that are specifically made for reiki practitioners. It’s really a matter of personal choice, but may also be what your client’s seem to prefer when they have a session with you. Some of them can definitely fall asleep during the treatment, and you may want to choose the most soothing tracks you can find. You will be able to select what you like from most sites on the Internet by the way, since they provide sample audio clips for you to choose from.

The one thing to remember the most about Reiki is that you are striving for healing, serenity and calm. You need the ideal ambience in your therapy room to do it. You will know the right music when you hear it as it will speak to your heart.

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