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Why Reiki Music doesn’t Appeal Some People?

Sometimes Reiki music is used to increase the effects of the treatment. It is mostly used to keep a person calm and relaxed.

What is Reiki Music?

It is a type of music commonly used in Reiki treatments, but can also used with other self healing techniques, Yoga, and meditation. As this music can help people in keeping their calm, many people listen to Reiki music outside of any healing process just to relax and relieve stress. Even though some artists create music specific for Reiki or energy healing, any type of music that assists relaxation and calmness can be used during sessions. Usually there is no vocal in Reiki music and no real lyrics. In some cases, human voice is used as an instrument.

Some common characteristics of Reiki music are

  • It is calming
  • It does not use harsh notes
  • Creates greater sense of personal calm
  • No changes in sudden sounds or use of loud music
  • Most often it is played quietly.

Why Reiki music is used?

Reiki masters use it during a healing session to assist a person to enter into a trance state easily. Many practitioners noticed that a person in deep meditative state can have better results from Reiki session as compared to one who is not in a trance state during a session. This is why it is becoming common among to use it during healing sessions.

People sometimes listen to Reiki music just to keep themselves calm and relaxed during work; some use this music during yoga session on when in meditative state.

When not to use Reiki music?

Normally, it can help people and even animals to clam and relax, but in few cases reported by some practitioners, it creates the opposite effect for few individuals. Most of the people who experience opposite effects are young people fond of rock or other harsh music. As they are not fond of such type of music, Reiki music often irritates them. Their ears are used to listening to high pitch and harsh music, so when they listen to slow and calming music, they become confuse and do not respond properly.

Sometimes, the Reiki music is played in an environment that is not suitable for it. For example, in places where there is already a lot of background voice thus killing the purpose of the music. It is better to play this music in a quiet environment for desired results. Playing it at a place that is not quiet can create negative effects as the sound mix with the background voices might create a negative effect.

Reiki music is a good way to assist both practitioner and receiver, but make sure to play it at a clam place and ask the person if they enjoy such music before playing it.

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