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The Magic of Reiki Infused Art

The Magic of Reiki Infused Art

Reiki can be combined with so many different things for both healing and enjoyment. One of the things that I like to combine it with the most is art. Reiki can be used to enhance Art Therapy or to enhance whatever piece of art you make for fun. Reiki is such a powerful force and […] Read more


Reiki and Music

Reiki and Music

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”– Victor Hugo Music is the food for soul. It soothes the soul and brings balance in life. And why not? Each of the seven notes of music is associated with each of the seven main chakras. The table below represents […] Read more


Sometimes Reiki music is used to increase the effects of the treatment. It is mostly used to keep a person calm and relaxed. What is Reiki Music? It is a type of music commonly used in Reiki treatments, but can also used with other self healing techniques, Yoga, and meditation. As this music can help […] Read more


Reiki music is a personal experience for the practitioner and the client. It creates a world where you and the client can just relax and “be”!  Reiki music depends on individual’s liking, but in general you’d want something soothing and melodic for the people undergoing a therapy, while they are in session with you. Reiki […] Read more

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