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A New Decade…How About a Better You

Article by Debs Cordery OK, so this isn’t about changing too much about you, as we like you just the way you are. What this is about learning to look after YOU better than you probably are, treating yourself with love and Reiki. Far too often we forget about ourselves, but by taking time out […] Read more


Reiki Enhances Affirmations

Reiki Enhances Affirmations

Each of us is responsible for our own self-talk. Listen to what you say to yourself, all day long. Do you give yourself words of encouragement when you are struggling? Do you congratulate yourself when you do something well? Do you criticize yourself, or give yourself negative feedback, when you make a mistake, or you […] Read more

The Practical Wisdom of the Chakra System

Working with the chakras is a part of almost every energy healer’s job. On first glance, the Chakra System may seem subtle and esoteric in nature. However, upon deeper reflection, we realise that the chakras are a practical source of guidance and wisdom. Each chakra corresponds with specific qualities. Painful and traumatic experiences create blocks […] Read more

Gratitude as a spiritual practice – research and practical tips

Have you noticed how reality can suddenly change once you start being grateful?! This act of feeling and communicating your honest appreciation about all your life experiences and opportunities, material possessions, people, your own self and inner growth really attract even more to be grateful for! Being grateful is the shortest way towards positive manifestation. […] Read more

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