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How to Phrase Healing Intentions Better and Reiki Box Tip

Are you familiar with the power of words? How these have energetic signatures? How they’re potent methods to speak and reprogram your subconscious? It’s no surprise that mantras and affirmations have become popular. Even when channeling Reiki, carefully written out scripts are continuously rehearsed and improved upon. Maybe before proceeding with this article, you could […] Read More


10 Steps to Work with Angels

10 Steps to Work with Angels

These are some steps to be connected with Angels, to work with them, to speak to them. Step 1- Make a place in your life to Angels. If you want them into your life you need to make your world similar to theirs (with your thoughts, feelings, environment…) Angels feel comfortable with peace and love […] Read More

Surrendering to the Infinite Possibilities of Reiki

As we all know Reiki works alongside our intention (or rather we use our intention to focus Reiki). We can direct with intention and have intended purpose for our Reiki, which is aligned to our desired outcome. Intention is important but what if we don’t know what we want, don’t have a clue whats best […] Read More

Working with Archangels's Rays and Affirmations

There are seven Cosmic Rays led by an Ascended Master and an Archangel. The rays fall upon the Mankind and have helped in its evolution along the different cycles. These rays have their own virtues. To invoke a ray we use the power of a decree, which reinforces the power of the light, life, and […] Read More

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Body Image Affirmations

Body Image Affirmations

Body image is something that is hard to master and is something that a lot of people struggle with. Like many people I had my own body image issues growing up. I grew up in a beach community where everyone sought to have the perfect body. I had family members who were always dieting and […] Read More


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