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7 chakras

Reiki Shower Sessions

Reiki Shower Sessions

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time to fit in self-Reiki treatments? I think we have all been there. Life just seems to get in the way, and we end up putting off self-care activities until there is more time. I have discovered many ways to fit a little Reiki into my […] Read more

Coordinating the Chakras with Reiki

Sometimes you want to give your client Reiki for a specific reason or issue, which can be associated with one or more of the Chakras. This is a meditation you can use before and during your Reiki session. You can focus on one chakra, two or a few or all of them. This will help […] Read more

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Healing the subtle body with Reiki

As we know Reiki is an alternative form of healing called as energy healing and is getting worldwide support and acceptance in healing a person as a healing modality beyond the physical body. As you know about the 7 major chakras in the body ( the chakras are the energy centers in the body) through […] Read more

Kwan Yin/St. Jude Meditation

Article by Chimi  This meditation helps you to balance compassion and resilience by calling upon Kwan Yin and St. Jude. Kwan Yin is the Chinese Buddhist deity of compassion, and St. Jude is the Roman Catholic patron saint of hopeless causes. Kwan Yin hears the cries of her people, and St. Jude helps us to see […] Read more


Chakra Balancing Technique

Balance your Chakras

Hi everyone! Today I am writing a very simple yet effective technique of balancing chakras and auras and healing at mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual planes through the usage of breath, color, and sound of each chakra. Find a quiet place. Relax. Feel your emotions. Relax. Invoke Reiki(AOG). If you feel like invoke your guardian angels […] Read more