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Healing the Subtle Body with Reiki

Article by Sunita Gupta

As we know Reiki is an alternative form of healing called as energy healing and is getting worldwide support and acceptance in healing a person as a healing modality beyond the physical body.

As you know about the 7 major chakras in the body ( the chakras are the energy centers in the body) through which flows the energy thus governing the various functions of the body. Any disruption in this balanced flow of energy through various energy centers ends up in causing some, or the other kind of disease in the body.

With more and more research it is being realized that the cause of the disease is not only in the physical body but sometimes the impressions from any of the past life could manifest in to a disease in your present and it is here where REIKI comes to the rescue as Reiki energy has the power to go deep in the subtle body thus clearing away any blockages and clutter or the karmic mess which are hampering the harmonious flow of energy .

Aura cleansing using Reiki

Reiki also has the capacity to go deep into the subtle bodies, thus restoring the balance by clearing away the clutter from past of this life or previous incarnations.

Many times the occurrence of disease baffles the doctors that apparently all the tests are normal, CT scan or MRI shows nothing but yet the symptoms remain; so it’s here when people started thinking about the other causes of the disease now are grouped under the heading as Metaphysical Causes or Psychomatic reasons of the disease and since the medicine can’t reach the subtle body of humans … and it’s likely that many diseases begin not in our physical tissues but instead as patterns of distortion in our Etheric or higher spiritual bodies. It’s here where the REIKI energy can reach any subtle body called as KOSHA in Sanskrit or energy centre called as chakra and has a wonderful role to play in easing out the painful symptoms.

Clearing low vibrational energies

The physical body, astral and emotional body, mental body and casual body they all vibrate at different levels. Disturbance in any of these bodies can result in the disease in the physical body.

Since Reiki is a highly intelligent form of energy reaches anywhere in the above-said bodies where ever it is needed thus clearing away any blockage and ensuring the smooth flow of energy strengthening the individual at mind and emotional level. With a bit of expert counseling, the individual is apt to heal himself by its own thoughts and all this is possible using Reiki by a Reiki healer.

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Sunita Gupta
Sunita Gupta

Sunita Gupta is a Doctor of Ayurveda Medicine with nearly 33 yrs of experience. She has been actively engaged in holistic healing by incorporating alternate systems of healing such as acupressure and Reiki. She is a Reiki Master with nearly four years of experience in Reiki healing. She has successfully healed clients afflicted with various physical, mental, and emotional ailments including substance addictions & anger management. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga. Currently, she is associated with Kriya Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh.

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