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Chakra Balancing Technique

Article by Anamika Mishra

Hi everyone! Today I am writing a very simple yet effective technique of balancing chakras and auras and healing at mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual planes through the usage of breath, color, and sound of each chakra.

  1. Find a quiet place.
  2. Relax. Feel your emotions. Relax.
  3. Invoke Reiki(AOG). If you feel like invoke your guardian angels and divine beings.

The Breathing Technique

  • Inhale to the count of four
  • Hold to the count of four
  • Exhale to the count of four
  • Hold to the count of four
  • Repeat the same for each chakra

For each chakra, you are going to follow this technique. With practice, you can increase the count. Do not strain yourself. Breathe at a relaxed pace. If you feel you cannot comfortably hold on to the count of four, start with the count of three. Go with your own unique pace, and increase the count gradually. You are a being of light for whom everything is possible.

Root Red Lam
Sacral Orange Vam
Solar Plexus Golden Yellow Ram
Heart Green Yam
Throat Blue Ham
Third Eye Indigo Om
Crown Violet/WhiteO Om
  • After the Breathing Technique, chant the mantra of each chakra and visualize that the chakra is glowing brightly in its respective color and aura being strengthened as well.
  • Call off Reiki

Love and Light! Namaste!

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Anamika Mishra
Anamika Mishra

Anamika Mishra has been a teacher of English. She has done her Masters in English and M.Phil. in Education. She has been accredited by the WMA and American Council of Holistic Healers. She is a certified Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue. Anamika is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster, Angelic and Crystal Therapist and Trainer, Tarot and Angel Cards Reader, Lama Fera Teacher and Healer, Yogmaya Teacher and Healer and Akashic Records Reader and Trainer. She also teaches Crystal Ball Gazing and Automatic Writing. Anamika Mishra is also a certified Life Optimization Coach. Her mission is to make people self-reliant, realize one’s own divinity and power and live a life filled with peace contentment and happiness. Feel free to connect to her at spiritualcafe111@gmail.com. For more information visit her website www.spiritualcafe111.com.

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