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May 2013

In order to get the full benefits of Reiki in our lives, we have to make it a priority. Many “freshly graduated students” (i.e. attuned) don’t make it a priority to self-heal daily for at least the first 30 days. They don’t get a chance to build an infrastructure and then they just continue with […] Read more


Reiki Is the Infrastructure

A nice way to imagine Reiki is that it’s an “infrastructure”. Let’s say your life is like a country. And let’s imagine country A, a country with good infrastructure (i.e. railroads, roads, electric lines, water pipes, sewage system, optic fibers, satellites). Let’s also imagine country B, which has poor or inexistent roads, very little “electric […] Read more


Step Aside!

One of the most common “mistakes” people make when using Reiki is “getting in the way” of the energy by deciding themselves how things “should” turn out. I should get this job. He/She should love me. I should get a raise (or win the lottery). Reiki doesn’t really work that way. Instead of having a […] Read more


Some practitioners, especially in the beginning, feel tired after giving a Reiki treatment. This could have several causes, but probably the most common is that you’re channelling your own energy, instead of Reiki, to the patient. How do I protect myself while giving Reiki? There are many ways to protect yourself, and your Reiki Master […] Read more


This is a simple RRRR – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Reiki :) Reduce Reduce TV and online time. This will give you more time to practice Reiki on yourself, sharpen your skills, and live a more peaceful life. Reuse Reuse “idle time”. Give yourself a boost while waiting for the bus, riding the train, sitting […] Read more

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