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Reiki Is the Infrastructure

A nice way to imagine Reiki is that it’s an “infrastructure”.

Let’s say your life is like a country. And let’s imagine country A, a country with good infrastructure (i.e. railroads, roads, electric lines, water pipes, sewage system, optic fibers, satellites). Let’s also imagine country B, which has poor or inexistent roads, very little “electric coverage”, old water pipes etc.

Now, some country C, which exported furniture to both A and B, can no longer export it. So both countries A and B decide to build a furniture factory. Which country would you say can build it faster? And then, when built, which country can get it faster to its citizens?

Image by roger4336

A life with Reiki is like a country with good infrastructure, and every Reiki session is an investment in the infrastructure. We thrive with daily Reiki, just like a country thrives with proper investments in infrastructure. And just the same, without investments, the infrastructure decays over time – and without Reiki, we slowly lose its benefits.

Every self-healing session is an investment, which generates awesome returns, short term, but also (and especially) long term.

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