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March 2013

Reiki attunement is an empowerment process where Reiki master passes the Reiki energy to the learner/student. The process opens up various channel points in the body, called as “chakras”, allowing the universal life force energy to flow through the entire body. After the process of attunement, the student can channel the positive Reiki energy. These [...]


This question pops periodically on Facebook and other channels. How long does Reiki stay with you after a treatment? The short answer is: it depends. The longer answer is, it depends on many things, and it’s different every time. But some factors that could influence it are: the skill or experience of the giver the [...]

Nepal - Valley of Eternity { 26 comments }

Q&A: How Much Reiki Is There?

Another question or doubt for non-practitioners or beginners is referring to the amount of healing energy available: Won’t we deplete Reiki it if we keep using it? The short answer is: No. The longer answer is that Reiki, by its nature, is inexhaustible. It is life force energy, and as long as there is life [...]


I recently lost my keys, and for a few days had to borrow my wife’s every time I had to drive. I looked for them all around the house every day, for a few times a day, to no avail. No idea why I didn’t think about this earlier, but eventually I invoked Reiki to [...]

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Q&A: How Old Is Reiki?

Here’s the answer to another common question: How old is Reiki? Next time someone asks you this question, you could consider replying something along these lines. If you wish to ask how old the healing energy that is passed from the Source to the patient through the practitioner is, then this energy would have to [...]


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