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What Happens After an Attunement?

Reiki attunement is an empowerment process where Reiki master passes the Reiki energy to the learner/student. The process opens up various channel points in the body, called as “chakras”, allowing the universal life force energy to flow through the entire body. After the process of attunement, the student can channel the positive Reiki energy.

These attunements cause healing and purification in the body of the receiver on following four levels resulting in the changes that are experienced by the receiver on the same levels.

Physical Detoxification

After an attunement, cleansing process starts in our body to remove the toxins and unwanted materials. This cleansing cycle extends over 21 days consisting of three to seven chakra cycles during which the Reiki energy flows through all seven chakras and increases the energy flow by expanding these energy centers. During this detoxification, our body may show certain physical changes like mood swings, flu, anxiety, diarrhea, muscle pain, etc that are called as symptoms of Reiki detoxification, which will be resolved as the sessions continue. You can also read our article on Side effects of Reiki here.


Image by Kain Kalju

Spiritual Healing

An attunement profoundly affects the spiritual body during which a person may experience changes in their attitude towards family and friends. A person can also experience change in the viewpoints of relationships, the social and moral beliefs. At some point you may feel lonely or misguided but remember, this is absolutely normal and you have to relax yourself so keep practicing Reiki that will help you realize that though everything appears to be changed but far more clear and understandable as the spiritually guided life force energy has revolutionized your way of life and you have achieved an enormous spiritual growth.

Emotional Cleansing

When the cleansing occurs at emotional level, a person may feel strong emotions such as anger, feeling of despair, loneliness, etc that have been held deep inside our emotional body from past experiences. There will be no apparent reason for which these emotions appear which may trouble some people but in actuality it’s the universal life force energy that is clearing us of these deep seated heavy burdens to fill us up with the positive feelings and to guide our emotions on the path of tranquility.

To help yourself while going through this phase you can practice Reiki imagining that all your troubling emotions are flowing out of your body through solar plexus. You can also take long hot bath to relax emotionally.

Mental Purification

As the mental cleansing begins, you will feel long forgotten habits and behavioral ways like craving for alcohol, caffeine, and different foods and so on coming back to you, disturbing your current lifestyle. Negative thoughts may resurface such as of guilt, self-destruction, rejection, etc. but don’t be troubled as it’s time to let these pessimistic thoughts and feeling leave you forever. Be gentle to yourself; spend some time alone in a quiet place, practice different meditations that will help to direct your thoughts and way of life towards optimism.

This experience will help you understand what changes are required to be induced in your current lifestyle, what habits and thoughts you should acquire to have a better health.

Once you have received all attunements, your natural energy channels will remain expanded with flow of the positive life force energy for the rest of your life.

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  • Lisa October 19, 2017, 6:06 pm

    What causes third eye pain while sleeping? I have it frequently then when I awaken, it is gone. I am in excellent health and never headaches otherwise. I have had Reiki 2 attunement. Thank you

  • Marie Tremblay November 14, 2017, 12:58 am

    I’ve had 6 attunements in the past year, This most recent one truly made an impact on me, but, I didn’t know about the info – this time I thought it must be the attunement. Totally detoxing my body, craving a drink… much calmer when I’m around ugly energy. For the first time in my life, it’s so cool and I hope it stays like this I have gained soul matching friends this year and not missing the ones I let go of all good.

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