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Lost My Keys: Reiki To The Rescue

I recently lost my keys, and for a few days had to borrow my wife’s every time I had to drive. I looked for them all around the house every day, for a few times a day, to no avail.

No idea why I didn’t think about this earlier, but eventually I invoked Reiki to help me locate them.

Reiki Keys

I was inspired to “retrace my path” since I last used them. I went to the door and acted as if I had the keys and the phone in my hands, then went upstairs and pretended to place them on the bed, as I was remembering having done a few days back.

I had already looked for them multiple times under the bed, under the bedsheets, and all around. But this time, I was sure they must be there. I was inspired to look between the mattress and the bed frame, even if I had already also covered this place a few times. But this time, as I was positive they were there, I searched “deep” and found a place where a sort of “crevice” was formed by the by the mattress and the frame, and there they were.

What’s interesting is that it felt very natural that I find them there, even if, as I said, I had looked there many times.

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