Q&A: How Much Reiki Is There?


Another question or doubt for non-practitioners or beginners is referring to the amount of healing energy available:

Won’t we deplete Reiki it if we keep using it?

The short answer is: No.

The longer answer is that Reiki, by its nature, is inexhaustible. It is life force energy, and as long as there is life around, Reiki is around.

Image by hermaturnip

It’s not like there’s a “reservoir” or “lake” of Reiki somewhere “out there” that we’re connecting to and drawing energy from there.

Rather, imagine it as a river flowing, that we bathe in. Water flows around us, and, in case of Reiki, through us, and cleans us. By bathing more, we won’t deplete the river. It will keep on flowing, and this river is wide enough and deep enough to clean and heal all life that exists.


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