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January 2013

Learning about Reiki in detail

Understand Reiki Reiki is a Japanese form of spiritual practice adopted for holistic reduction of stress and relaxing body and soul. This technique helps in promotion of healing on self or others. This therapy is done by lying of hands 2-4 inches above the body of the person for whom treatment is to be done. […] Read more


Many Reiki practitioners believe that every person in this world live with healing energy within us. Usually, this energy lives within a person in an idle state until it is awakened. To awaken healing energy within ourselves, one of the best methods used is Reiki that means Universal Life Force Energy. The process of awakening […] Read more


Reiki Awakening

Every human being in this world contains helping or life energy that is also known as self healing energy. In most cases, the energy remains inactive unless it is awakened by something. Awakening of this healing energy through Reiki is known as Reiki awakening. It is not necessary for you to believe in the process […] Read more


Reiki and its Impact on Plants

Reiki is not only confined to healing emotional or physical problems, but there are many innovative uses of Reiki that can help in making a life better for any person. Reiki healing is not only for human beings, but you can use Reiki for other living creatures like animals, plants and even in some cases, […] Read more


Impact of Reiki on Women Health

There are millions of people spending many dollars on healthcare, but still wish to obtain holistic approach for getting free from illnesses. Reiki is a Japanese holistic form of healing and practically implemented on people of all ages and cultures. Reiki has particularly shown good results for women health. It is in fact a powerful […] Read more