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Reiki and its Impact on Plants

Reiki is not only confined to healing emotional or physical problems, but there are many innovative uses of Reiki that can help in making a life better for any person. Reiki healing is not only for human beings, but you can use Reiki for other living creatures like animals, plants and even in some cases, for energizing lifeless objects. Healing that works with fine energy still unnoticeable to science has an ability to assist any life form, including plants.

Many practitioners who used healing on different life forms or objects other than human beings believe that animals, plants, and even lifeless objects respond to Reiki treatment. Various different experiments and observations recorded by different practitioners proved that Reiki can actually enhance the life processes of both plants and animals.


Image by jacki-dee

An Experiment for Reiki Implementation of Plants

One such experiment was conducted by number of different practitioners on three different sets of plants in three different controlled environments. Reiki was used on one set of plants daily, while on other set of plants it was used once in two to three days, while the last set of plants was left alone to grow in their natural environment. All such experiments reported a visible better growth of first set of plants that were exposed to Reiki than other two sets of plants. The average height and plants overall health was better than the remaining two sets of plants.

It is also very effective for plants that are replanted in different conditions. The treatment can help replanted plants to grow their roots in new conditions quickly. You can do Reiki on pot plants to bigger trees or any other kind of plant effectively. Mostly, practitioners use their hands to energize the water in the plant that results in better growth.

Those who love taking care of plants and take care of their garden on their own know that taking care of plants with love can create a good effect on the growth of plants. Even in some cases, many people even talk to plants to make them feel special, often resulting in better growth. Reiki does better than this! With it, you make plants to energize and to respond.

Reiki is also effective for seed germination along with growth of plants. It is common for Masters to use it not only on plants, but on seeds before planting, roots of the plants, even on soil and water to enhance the overall growth of plants with some exceptional rate. As a practitioner, you can also send positive energy to home grown fruits and vegetables for their better nutrition. Even though, there is no scientific research on Reiki healing and its effects on Plants and other living and non living things, but it is because science failed so far to gauge such fine energy. Observations, personal experiences and different experiments done by Reiki Masters proved that the sessions have obvious effects on growth of plants.

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  • Emilia October 14, 2013, 8:50 pm

    I did similar experience the effects were amazing. One plant that should change colour of leaves from red to green (Euphorbia pulcherrima) kept the colour for a few months longer than others. In fact getting more and more red leaves.
    Also the growth was very robust and health of the plant without any remarks…I think it could be great support for people working with plants. Reiki works very well on plants indeed.

  • shubh November 28, 2015, 12:56 pm

    Thanks a lot for this amazing knowledge. I have a lot of potted plants at home both indoors and outdoors. Some new ones have not been doing too well. Could you please suggest some symbols to help them grow normally and healthy?
    I am attuned to violet flame Reiki level 1 and 2.
    Thank u thank u Reiki and thank you God! 🙂

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