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Impact of Reiki on Women Health

There are millions of people spending many dollars on healthcare, but still wish to obtain holistic approach for getting free from illnesses. Reiki is a Japanese holistic form of healing and practically implemented on people of all ages and cultures. Reiki has particularly shown good results for women health. It is in fact a powerful tool to heal any sort of medical condition. Reiki works on spiritual approach for healing physical and emotional human bonds. It can even help in speeding up the healing processes after any kind of surgery and reduces pain and stress levels in human beings.

How does Reiki work for women related problems?

There are chemical, biological and energetic components present in human body. It is the need of every human body to get into a correct state, both physically and emotionally. There is energy field present in every human body and this energy gives balance to various organs of body. Your body’s energy can become low due to various factors, including diet, physical stresses, emotional imbalances and several other issues. Reiki functions by removal of energy blockage in the body and enhance the levels of effects caused by various medications or therapies on human body. You can live peacefully and heal in a better way with the effect of Reiki on your body. Reiki is a best tool to implement for woman’s body as it can help in healing their inner imbalances and physical problems. It can help in flow of energy to the areas, where it is required the most.

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During Reiki session, a woman remains clothed and sits peacefully to do self-Reiki or getting it done through a practitioner. The body can send Reiki energy by maintaining energy balancing. There are many hospitals offering Reiki services, especially during post-surgical procedures. Reiki session can last for a few minutes and it will leave a positive impact on your body. Any person can learn to do Reiki and many women are learning it specifically to keep a good health for their own and family members.

Surveys suggest that women give least preference to their needs and experience more burnout than men. Reiki can be learnt for performing on their own or different members of their family. There is no specific time to do it and you can even do it while sitting on your desk, waiting for appointments, watching your kids play or waiting for appointments. Reiki can put physical and mental strain miles away from you. It can help females to put off stresses and assists in body healing at different levels. Females going through different physical challenges in life, like menopause, breast cancer, cysts, mental stresses, fatigue or PMS are often treated with Reiki (of course with medications) to feel better and get a speedy recovery. It is also witnessed that Reiki assists females having issues with fertility and gives positive vibrations to them for an easy conception. Self-Reiki gives a lot of emotional stability and mental peace to a patient suffering from any sort of problem in body or mind.

How much Reiki is required to feel better?

There is no specific timing required for Reiki patients to feel better. It depends on the overall health of a client to get better through Reiki. Woman is the base of a family and if she is not fine, the whole family gets into a messy condition. One session can show up the response of a client towards Reiki treatment. Weekly Reiki sessions are essential for clients having some prolonged problem in body. Reiki can heal a person emotionally or physically. Energy can get freed to be used for different ways. Reiki can get a person away from daily stresses and helps in maintaining balance. It is the best way for a woman to stay balanced, healed and maintaining higher energy levels to maintain a stable condition in life.

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  • shubh November 28, 2015, 1:09 pm

    Pls advise the symbols to be used for gynaecological problems like ovarian cysts and hormonal imbalance. I am suffering due to this for more than a year now & medication hasn’t helped either.
    Many thanks & thanks to Reiki! 🙂

  • Tracy L Fance June 5, 2017, 1:37 pm

    Can I ask if there are any other tips for Reiki in connection to menopause & piri-menopause? Thanks

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