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Learning about Reiki in detail

Understand Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of spiritual practice adopted for holistic reduction of stress and relaxing body and soul. This technique helps in promotion of healing on self or others. This therapy is done by lying of hands 2-4 inches above the body of the person for whom treatment is to be done. The healing powers are also based on the invisible life force energy, which flows within every living thing. This life force energy is the reason for living for every person. When this energy is low, people might feel ill or weak. The people with higher life force energy are relative happier and healthier.

Reiki treats a person physically, emotionally and mentally. This term is taken from two Japanese characters, namely ‘Rei’: Spiritual and ‘Ki’: Life force Energy and the combination becomes ‘Universal Life Energy’. Mikao Usui developed Reiki in Japan and the stories reveal that he went through three weeks fasting and meditation to get Reiki treatment. Reiki practitioners use techniques with their hands, which may or may not touch the body of patient.

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Reiki channelizes the healing energy through one person to another. It flows through palms and has some powers used for self-treatment or distant treatment. Reiki is in fact very natural and safe way of treatment and self-improvement. It is effectual and taken as an alternative treatment for every kind of physical or mental illness. It also has additive benefit of spiritually healing an individual. Reiki works well with other medical techniques and speeds up recovery process.

Reiki is a powerful healing technique and very simple to learn. The ability to use it can’t be taught in real sense and the skills have to be transferred to a student to gauge finest results from this treatment. Reiki knowledge can be passed by a master to student and this process of gathering knowledge is termed as attunement. The students can get unlimited life force energy and utilize it to improve health and well being of a person.

Reiki practices are spiritual in nature, but they are not considered a part of any religion. There are no perquisites for learning Reiki and anyone can get through them. The practice doesn’t involve any kind of code of belief. Reiki works on every person and helps people to keep their spiritual aspects working than bodily attributes.

Reiki develops and promotes harmonious relations with each other. Apart from believing in Reiki and its principles, Mikao Usui also recommended the practicing of simple and ethical modules to bring harmony and peace among people. Reiki helps in healing through channelization of energy and brings peace for every person.

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